Hey everyone


Cheers!!! Welcome to the forum


Welcome to Full30 forum @Aussie_LR_shot Good to have you here. I’ve got a lot of Aussies on my Twitter page. I hope one day you can get back your full gun rights. I would have commented earlier, but my face was frozen to, well, other parts of my face. This polar vortex thing sucks, -60f wind chills just hurts.

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Welcome to full30.


Welcome to Full30!


Welcome aboard




Welcome to full30.


Hello there. New here too. Welcome.


Welcome aboard mate


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Will provide some photos at some point with my set-ups.

Currently working on the last pieces of a .280AI build which is going to become a dedicated 700M and beyond platform.






Welcome to full30. I have been lurking for a long time here and recently came into the light. I would love to do some LRS but on the east coast its a little space restricted.

What got you into LRS for you. Also do you plan on getting into ELR in the future.


Welcome to our FULL30 group of nice folks who just happen to like firearms,…all of them.


East Coast US? I’m East coast Australia.
I got into LRS because it was the most accessible for me at the time strangely enough. I live near a 900M range and began by taking up Fullbore/Palma target shooting. From there I have migrated into F-classes and PRS type stuff now.

I’m not really keen on the ELR stuff only because the sheer cost of shooting it and travelling for the ranges just makes it a non-starter. However, if I get access to a large enough property and I can shoot out to a mile and more I could consider it!


Welcome, have a great time here.