Hey everyone


I’m just another vet joining and continuing my never ending search for knowledge. Except for handguns, I haven’t shot a rifle since my m16 on the ground or a 60 cal as a Black Hawk Crew chief aka 67T20 in the military. I’m pretty easy going and I’m just trying to learn and maybe even network a little as the climate in this country, tells me that may be a good idea.

For those interested, I did my basic training in Fort Dix NJ, AIT in Fort Eustis VA and I was stationed in Camp Humphries In South Korea (201st AVN REG) and Hunter Army Airfield, (24th AVN Reg) Savannah GA.


Welcome aboard and thank you for your service! !



Welcome to the Full30 Forum. - a fun place to be.

Thank you for your service to our great country.

Your comment: “Except for handguns…” does that mean you have shot your handguns recently? What kinds of handguns do you have and like?


Welcome to the best forum on the net.


Welcome! I was at Dix too as an Air Trans guy 2T271 (the old 605’s) working the flightline. Jersey is… well it’s Jersey! Glad to have you here Sir.






Welcome! I miss the pig the m60 was a great weapon system.


Welcome to the forum and thank you for your service! :us:


Welcome, thanks for your service.


Welcome and thanks for your service.


Welcome from Indiana brother and Thank you for your service.


Welome @DomVendett great to have you here with us at Full 30! Thank you for your service!!!


Welcome to Full30 forum @DomVendetta Good to have you here. Jump right in the water’s fine.

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Welcome to FULL30, we are glad to have you around. We look at your service as not “just a vet”, but more on the proud side, we are grateful for your service, and proud of it also.


Welcome and thank you for your service!




Welcome to Full30. We hope you find a new home here Brother!


Welcome and thank you for your service!