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Hey John, thanks for the welcoming. After many years of not being involved with any weapons after the military, the wife and I started buying hand guns and ammo and going to the range. The wife’s favorite is her Ruger 380 and we also have a S&W M&P 9mm Shield (My favorite so far). A S&W SD9 VE and literally just yesterday the newest addition is a Taurus G2C 9mm, so all I have done so far on the Taurus is load the mag. lol

I am starting to look at a shotgun and a rifle next. I’m just doing research and Ill see what people have posted here, about their favorites.


Thank you Chris


Thank you.


Thank you, I appreciate that.


It was cold as I got there late October to start basic. I’m surprised I qualified so well, as the water was beading on my sites and did I mention it was cold? lol

I have heard Fort Dix no longer hosts basic training sadly. Thank you for your service OG.



Thanks for the details. You have bought some guns I share an interest in.

The Ruger .380 - is that the LC380 (one I have thought about for a while, now), or the LCP (I or II ?) - which I have experience with (both the I and the II), and like.

The M&P 9mm Shield - I like that gun, too. And from what I have heard, it is extremely popular (no wonder why!).

The SD9VE - I have heard good things about that one, though have never shot it. How do you like it so far? Seems like it would make a good carry gun with the right holster. Have you tried carrying it, yet? How did that work out?

As for shotguns - I have experience mostly with the tactical shotguns (18+ inch barrels, mostly). Depending on your tastes and needs, you can do well with several different models. Currently, the one I shoot the most is the Remington 870 Express Youth in 20 gauge. It is a little shorter than the regular (adult) sized shotguns - making it little easier to use for home defense. But, I use it for sporting clay shooting, too, and it works well for that, too.

Although, I do have some experience with various rifles, depending on what purpose(s) you have for a rifle, there will be people here that know a LOT more than me about them. Still, please let me/us know what you are looking for in a rifle(s), and I am sure lots of suggestions will follow.

Also, for each gun, some kind of price range you are looking at will help. And especially for rifles, will you be adding a scope or other accessories?


@DomVendetta. You are correct Sir. No more basic there. Dix looks like it’s almost dead during the day unless you’re out on the ranges, BX/PX, etc. Dix merged with McGuire and Naval Air Station Lakehurst to make a mega base with the USAF controlling maintenance, most operations, etc. it’s basically just a big cargo hub now. And thank you for service too!

What rifle system/platform did you qualify on? I’m not as old as the handle implies so we had M16A2’s. Did you have the original M16’s as you alluded to in your intro?

Glad to have you here again. You’ll fit right in.