Hey, from Michigan!


Hey guys n gals, new to the site and forum. Heard about it from IV8888 on YouTube and decided to check it out.
So a little about me, I starting shooting when I was 12, everything from moms revolvers to dads 1911s and various rifles. Now I’m starting to build my own collection, got a couple revolvers, Beretta 92FS, Kimber ultra 45acp, a couple .22lr rifles and a S&W M&P 15. As you can tell by my username the AR is my favorite lol with the Beretta and Kimber coming in at close seconds. I just enjoy shooting! :smile: Also just started reloading ammo, starting out with 9mm then probably 45 and 223 in the future.
When I’m not at the range shooting, my favorite hobby by far is taking my Mustangs to car shows. Been a gear head pretty much all my life, just wish we had a few more warm months in a year here in MI!
Anyway I look forward to talking with you guys and making new friends. Looks like an awesome forum!

Heather Jastrzemski


Good eye,



Welcome to Full30 forum @Jastrzemski223 Good to have you here. Seems to be a lot of people showing up from screwtube. Many of us producers have already been deleted from there and have channels here.

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Welcome @Jastrzemski223
Great to have you here with us at full 30!


Welcome, glad you found us! Hope you enjoy the forum.


Welcome from Ky


Thanks everybody :slight_smile:


@Jastrzemski223 Welcome and hello from a fellow Michigander.


Welcome to the forum.






Welcome to full30!


Guns and cars, you should fit right in here!!


Cool! Howdy!




Welcome! We are happy to have you here!


Welcome to FULL30 and the forum, glad you are with us. There are alot of answers here, just ask.


Thanks everybody :smiley: