Hey Guys Part 3 of the Mossberg 500 project is up on Full30

Hey guys, sorry ive been silent these last couple of weeks, long story short i had surgery and was out for the count for a few weeks still recovering, but feeling much better. i decided to tackle another peice of the Mossberg Project and started working on my Trigger Group. i posted the video up on the Full30 Video page if you guys want to check it out. and let me know if you guys want to see a detail disassembly and reassembly video on the trigger group. i tried to keep the video short as to not drag on and make too long of a video but let me know if there is a interest for disassembly and reassembly and i will gladly do it for you guys. any how i am posting a quick link to the video below, i know i have been corrected in the past oh how to add the link but i hope i got it right this time. lolz thanks alot guys and glad to be back on the forum giving my 2 cents. :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to hear you’re feeling better!

Just in time too :grin:


Thanks @Robert :grinning:


Your 2 cents were missed.

Glad the surgery went ok and good to see you back doing what you love. That is the best way to recovery.


Thanks Brother Much appreciated.