Hey, ideas and thoughts for VP9 upgrades

Hi everyone, new user so sorry if this is an uncommon post.

I currently have a HK VP9 that I am looking to do some potential upgrades to try to fix any possible reliability problems and make it suppressor ready. But before I invest a lot of money I thought I would reach out and see if any one has any suggestions, ideas, or products to stay away from.

Here are a the parts I’m currently looking at.


Thanks again to anyone who is willing to help me out with this little problem.

No pun intended, but why would you want to go through such great lengths getting a ton of upgrades for an obivously not good enough right out the gate pistol? You want my advice? Sell the VP9 and just get the LH9N MKII with the novak style tritium nights sights pre-installed. No upgrades or after market needed. Throw on a Surefire X300-A Ultra and have Blade Tech mold you a classic OWB Tac Light holster w/ Tek Lok specific to that setup and call it the day.You won’t be disappointed and have more value for your hard-earned money! :grinning:

Striker fired alternative: Get the Walther PPQ, the aforementioned holster, Streamlight TLR-3 (the X300 won’t properly fit and I’ve seen the PPQ’s rail snap off due to that light), Truglo TFX Pro sights and a Springco 19165 to tame that sucker. Don’t get the DPM, it doesn’t handle +p loads well. The Springco’s does.

Fully concur with Minuteman’s sage advice. Please do not frustrate yourself with your proposed actions as this will lead to some degree of unhappiness. Keep things clean and simple and you will be rewarded.

Please don’t take offense - none intended. You bought the wrong weapon, gee, I have done it too. You need a do-over.
Help us help you - what is the purpose for the weapon? Range, plinking, SD/HD, competition?

It’s more for SD and concealed carry. But I also would like it to be I guess what would be called a Duty gun for home defense and tactical scenarios.

The HK is not the “wrong” weapon. There are pistols that come with better features for the price but buying a handgun is a real personalized thing and the HK is not a bad choice by any means. I personally love the paddle realease and the grip on the vp9.

The HK VP9 is my favorite stiker fired pistol too. I would easily take a vp9 or p30 over A Jericho 941or PPQ. HK has shitty triggers but im fine with having to upgrade those.

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I like the Glock 19 as much as the HK but in stock form the HK has a slightly better trigger (although its still pretty shitty) and far better sights. The finish is also far better on the HK p30/VP9.

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