Hey, Montana on the roster


I’m Jeff, I guess I would’ve picked a cooler username but jmrosenthal82 works.
I’m a former infantryman who served in the Marines and in the Army. Now I’m currently a shooting instructor/coach/guide, I’m not sure exactly how to describe what I do, but I lead shooters of all skill levels on rifle, pistol, and shotgun ranges.
I have been enjoying following Tactical_Reviews on Twitter.


Welcome to full30.


Welcome to Full30 forum @jmrosenthal82 Good to have you here. Glad you could make it. Feel free to jump right in to any thread that interests you. Or start one of your own.

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Welcome @jmrosenthal82
Great to have you here. Thank you for your service!




Howdy from Belgrade Montana! Have fun here!


Welcome from Helena! Glad you joined us here!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome… and thank you for your service.


Welcome to the forum Brother! We hope you find a new home here!


Welcome to the full30 forum.


Thank you everyone, it’s good to be here.


Welcome to full30 and thank you for your service!




Welcome aboard!


Welcome! Stick around Jeff, you’ll like it here.


Welcome from Ky




Welcome to the FULL30, glad to have you here.


Welcome, Jeff!