Hi All From Pa


I just signed up this evening after listening to a live Broadcast of US Army WTF Nation Radio.


well welcome
so what do you shoot and where does the brass land…




I am currently without, but when go to the range i go to Clayton’s here in Horsham.


Welcome to the forum Brother!
We are happy to have you here!


Welcome to Full30 forum @Roadtech Good to have you here. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I enjoy being on it.

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Welcome to the forum.


Welcome @Roadtech
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Welcome. Good to have you here.




Welcome to the forum



@Roadtech I neglected to schedule that and missed the reminder ( @Tactical_Reviews ?) was it a good show?


It Was!


Welcome to full30!


I have the audio and will be uploading it today. We talked about Full30 for the last half of the show. WTF nation radio is going to set up a channel here. I was told after the show that several people had commented that they set up accounts on the Full30 video side so they can subscribe to channels.


Great job Dan!

I’ll look to catch up when time permits (& you post)


Welcome aboard. Glad to have you.


Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here!

I occasionally get out to Horsham, but PA doesn’t have reciprocity. I always feel a little naked.





Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Hope you enjoy it here.