Hi all. Jon from GunCraft101 on YouTube here.


About me: I’m a gun enthusiast and a hobby machinist/metalworker. Put those together and I’m a hobby gunsmith. I’ve made some pretty interesting videos, but YouTube being Youtube, my channel has been mostly snuffed out. I’m glad to see Full30 is active and growing. That’s exactly what the our community needs. Cheers!


Welcome to the forum.


Guncraft101 who made The Golden Gun?

Well welcome :sunglasses:


Welcome @GunCraft101
Great to have you here at Full 30!


Yep. That’s the one! Thank you, glad to be here!


Welcome to the forum@GunCraft101! Love your work and am totally jealous of your shop! I have never wanted to melt my reloading brass down so much after watching your AR10 video.




Good to see you here Brother. I love the videos.

Welcome to the forum!!!


Hello, Jon.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30! Glad to have you here. Hopefully you can get a channel here soon.


I hope so too. That would be awesome. Thanks for the welcome!


Welcome. Glad to have you here.


Welcome to the forum. Glad to see you here to grow with us


welcome Jon. Look forward to seeing some great posts from you.




@GunCraft101 (Jon)

Welcome to the Full30 Forum.

Looking forward to your videos.



Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to reality.


Welcome to full30!