Hi from Ky


Hi from Ky. Invited over from 308.com
About an hour away from Knob Creek and the machine gun shoot. I shoot all kinds of guns,ride motorcycles and smoke cigars. Used to be part owner in a gunshop and also worked at Plainfield Shooting supplies in Plainfield In for several years. I also reload a bit.


Welcome to Full30 forum @shooterrex Good to have you here. You should fit in just fine. Plenty of reloaders, gun shooters, cigar smokers, and scotch drinkers here.

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Welcome! We need more members just like you.


Welcome @shooterrex
Great to have you here!




@shooterrex …hmm, sounds familiar…:thinking:

but nope, never head of you :grin::grin::grin:


thanks for persevering :sunglasses:


Welcome to the forum.




Welcome @shooterrex! Glad you joined us!


Welcome, sounds like we might be neighbors I live in Mount Washington.


@shooterrex (Rex)

Welcome to the Full30 Forum - a fun place to be.

Hope you enjoy yourself here.


Welcome to the forum.


Outside of bagdad


Welcome aboard!


Welcome! Glad you found us.


Welcome! Stick around. You’ll like it here for sure.