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Hi everyone I’m in the United Kingdom currently but have always admired the U.S.A and part of that was the freedom you enjoyed with firearms. I had to surrender my two sidearms after the Dunblane school shooting which led to the banning of all sidearms in the UK and my only attachment to that world has been through video’s from guntubers. It breaks my heart to see what’s happening across the U.S with anti constitutional measures against the 2nd Amendment and i find it incredible that i as a brit have a greater respect and love of the U.S constitution then the democratic party and that should be condemning enough.

My support and respect go to the patriotic people of the commonwealth of Virginia who are facing violations of their rights and I’m hoping beyond reality that the rabble that is the legislature back away before it’s too late. Stay strong and know you have supporter’s outside the U.S even if we can’t be of practical help.


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As a native Texan, I also saddened that many in this country don’t understand the purpose of the second amendment and are willing to throw it away because they are told guns are the problem.


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I’m curious. Was your firearm surrender voluntary or did they come kicking down your door?


The date of the ban was known in advance, at the time i was an instructor at a range and we organised for our members to leave their sidearms at the centre and we’d handle dealing with the police so our members didn’t have to go through that experience. We worked with the police from the start and thought we had a good relationship and understanding on how the process would go but on the actual day it was a team of armed officers that turned up. As i put my two sidearms into the case i had a very twitchy officer holding his mp5 a few inches from my head that was repeated for the other instructor’s which we felt very angry about as it was completely unnecessary as we’d shown the sidearms were cleared and safe before going to place them in the case.

To this day when i think of it i get angry and would never wish that on anyone. It’s often said we just surrendered our rights but it really wasn’t that simple we had gun rights groups and influential individuals working closely with a number of politicians and it was never even suggested that it would be a total ban. We were told repeatedly that there would be a magazine limit and a more thorough annual inspection as well as tighter conditions for obtaining a firearms certificate that was the message right upto the government announcement of the ban.

We were lied too and betrayed by many of the politicians we had worked with who said one thing to us and then voted for the ban our fault was we treated them with respect and took them at their word when more cynicism might have been more apt. I am hoping the anti gun agenda in the states is defeated before it becomes a confrontation but that’s being very optimistic given the force that agenda is progressing and the seeming willingness of the people who won’t be directly in that confrontation pushing for it.

My knowledge of law in the U.S is very limited but as i understand it all public servants take an oath to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states so how is anyone allowed to take that oath one day and work to dismantle that constitution the next is there no legal or legislative process to hold them to account?. I nearly spat my coffee out when pelosi said with a straight face that the democrats were the custodians of the constitution such a public example of total hypocrisy.



Thank you for your empathy and for the account of your own experience with what I would deem the same element.



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Actually UKBrother, you are a help. Sometimes people need to have some outside eyes offer moral support. You should know that where as you folks were inclined to hand your weapons over the people here have no such inclination and if the situation continues to escalate, well we here in the USA could really use some prayers about now.



We weren’t inclined at all we were given assurances that a total ban wouldn’t happen by the time we found out about the ban it was law and for most of us in my small group a criminal conviction would have massively damaged our entire lives. We didn’t have an equivalent of the 2nd Amendment to motivate the grass roots it’s one of the biggest weapons in your arsenal and if you can get a large enough organisation to represent your gun community you can start effectively fighting back against the anti gunners you have there whose only tactics are false emotive pleading and manipulation of shooting incidents.

What facts there are support the 2nd Amendment community and sadly this is all happening at a time when the NRA are a joke with the credibility of Richard Nixon and totally unfit to defend the 2nd even if that was their intention which i highly doubt. GOA would be ideal but are not currently big enough or organised enough to work Washington DC but they are the best bet in the future.


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Thank you all for the warm welcome it’s appreciated.


Welcome to the forum @UKBrother

And thank you for your support.


Welcome to the forum we will trade 1000 democrats for 1 freedom loving Brit any day of the week!!


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Lol I was lowballing trying to get them to bite!


That there is the problem. They do take the oath to uphold the laws AND the Constitution of the United States and also the Constitutions of the individual states. But for some reason, when the unconstitutional laws are passed by the liberals in the big cities, they uphold these bad laws and piss on the Constitutions and people’s rights.

So let me ask another question, if I may. Was keeping your sidearms not an option for you? Did you guys never consider just hiding them? Or was there a registry that told the authorities what firearms everyone owned?


Welcome to the forum @UKBrother!