Hi,thanks for having me


I heard about this site from multiple YouTube videos like hickock 45 and military arms chanel,seems like ed a good place to talk to like minded individuals where other social platforms are restricting,plus I want to get into competition shooting and good advice is hard to find in my area in Michigan


Welcome to Full30! Hope you enjoy!


Welcome to the community!




Welcome to Full30 @Troupedevil Good to have you here. We have a section for comp shooting, Jump right in the water’s fine.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30…:vulcan_salute:


Welcome aboard




Welcome @Troupedevil
Great you found your way here!!


Its a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Welcome to full30.


Welcome to full30


I think I heard about this site from Hickok45 also. Amazing how well knows he is.


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome!! Great place!!