Hint of advice for people suffering from HCML


Or commonly referred to High Capacity Magazine Limits.
In my part of the world we have magazine limits for Centerfire Semi-automatic type firearms, rifles being 5 rounds and pistols being 10. It is then broken down to the Calibre that for said firearm.
So a ,223 rifle magazine must only hold 5 rounds however a ,223 pistol magazine that holds 10 rounds can be used in the rifle (as long as the magazine is marked “pistol”). It gets better - a 5 round .50 Beowulf holds 14 .223 and fits the rifle. Same goes with common frame pistols 9mm/.40 - a ten round 9mm that fits into a CZ 75 ( for example) will also fit 10 round .40 and also hold 13/14 9mm. It is an interesting way to maintain compliance (I hate the word loophole, kind of implies sneaking around the law where compliance implies following). Am not totally up on SIG or Glock 9/40 commonality but I know that they work the same. I intend on getting both a 9mm CZ75 and a Girsan 28 which both share a common magazine (with a bit of dremel work) and use the CZ 75 .40 cal mags.




So a 10 round .40 will hold 13/14 9mm? Is that what you’re saying?


here factory pistol mags have to be pinned to 10, rifle pinned to 5 (which I assume is the same down south for the Restricted States) and one way to maintain compliance is to use a larger calibre magazine that share’s commonality (as long as that mag is marked for it’s original use/calibre).
We do the same for PCC (they are deemed rifles so limited to factory 5 but still be compliant if it accepts pistol mags).


Interesting. What state or country are you in?


Interesting, I’ll have to look into that.


Look up / way up



way up


Cool map!


So you can have an M1 Garand, but can’t have the standard 8-round en bloc clips?


there are some exceptions and that being one of them because it is not a magazine. Another good example is a tube mag on a semi shotgun versus a mag fed - we are limited to 5 for the detachable and what ever factory supplied tube holds, but a aftermarket extension is a no no.Yet a ten round SKS has to be pinned to 5 so they could come up with some stupid rule that the clips be limited to 5 (but maybe this the one time clip versus magazine works). There are no limits to belt fed or rimfire rifle except the ruger 25 rd drum that shares with the pistol (the drum is limited to 10 - because all pistols are limited to ten).


shall not be infringed means, come and get them you chicken ships

Who decided the term large capacity?
I spent a career as a weapons tech, and ever heard the term.
The 20 round box mag was the STANDARD magazine, now it is an obsolete one.
The 30 round box mag IS the current STANDARD magazine.

If they are talking about the 40, 50, 60, 75, or 100 round mags. They are not practical to carry.

Other than that, its all bull ship.


couldn’t agree more - if the 17rd factory supplied magazine in a pistol is not a “Hi-cap” than it must be standard for that firearm, however pretty sure a lot of this stems from some NRA 5 round hunting rifle crap because at the time of formation the “standard” US military or for that matter every other rifle only held 5 rounds (except the SMLE). Most pistols and revolvers were also limited to less than 10 and you could get “extended”. If you notice there is never a mention of limits to tube magazines (except upland bird hunting) but only detachable box type.


My Canik TP9DA has a factory 18rd mag. So that is a standard mag for me. The Five-SeveN has a factory 20rd mag so that is standard for that firearm too. So anything less is ludicrous. :wink: In all seriousness any magazine restriction is just plain stupid. Any trained person can easily pop out a mag and load another in barely a second (or two if fumbling while changing). So that makes the restriction irrelevant to someone determined and trained to do those evil acts and because they’ll most likely use a banned mag anyway. Its back to the fact that criminals won’t obey laws but we law abiding citizens will and suffer because of it.


the reason for the restrictions - lawmakers have stock in MecGar and Gun Mag Wharehouse.