History of 300 Blackout Ammo

The guy that owns my LGS has a depredation Lic and worked the orchards around here the 300 BO with a ca is all he uses and he swears it is deadly on deer. I still think the 300 Ham’r is better ballistically but at that point, it really doesn’t matter I don’t doubt either is effective and I would not want to get hit with either.


Absolutely @SAK this is a great round! As others have mentioned about sharing this with friends and family while shooting, love to see a newbie shoot this with subs and suppressed they can’t stop smiling.


That Wilson Combat Ranger in 300 HAM’R looks pretty darn sweet! Definitely wouldn’t mind one myself :wink:


No doubt, maybe I will invest some of my Biden bucks in on instead of a Sig, ammo could be a problem. But then it is for everything else any way.


Family and friends nice! Puts a big old smile on their face. I hear that :+1:


Obtaining most any/all ammunition is a problem no matter what the caliber is right now.
I say if that’s what you want go for it👍



I happen to be firmly in the pro .300 camp.
Love shooting it and it does a number on cinderbock… :wink:
WITHOUT having to worry about 922r compliance


Ever look up the penalty for not being compliant?


Me too, but it’s almost hard to find as 6.5 and when you do it’s outrageously priced.


Nope, don’t plan on crossing that line so I didn’t worry about it, why do you ask?


aren’t you curious?

how have you defined

and when will you be

if you don’t know?

What’s 922, it’s a section [§] of chapter 44, the section is - Unlawful acts

Chapter 44 is FIREARMS

(.r) is a sub section

If you violate that specific sub section, r, then you go to section 924 to find the penalty

, now, once you’ve exhausted that and you should, go back a step, look for other pertinent definitions, like who, and why

Who do these rules pertain to and for what cause

Mind you, this is all under part one, CRIMES and is US CODE

There is also whats known a CFR, code of federal regulations

There’s a connection there, right?

If there’s a penalty then there’s an enforcing agency, and they have rules as well,

they’ll want to know if you crossed a line, how do they determine that?

Commercial crimes. Any of the following types of crimes (Federal or State): Offenses against the revenue laws;

Commercial, are you engaging in commerce?

revenue laws, very important to note, is the ATF part of the IRS, or, the IRS part of the ATF?

illegal sale or possession of deadly weapons;

commerce and illegal sale are easy to connect,

possession of deadly weapons though…?

How is this defined?

Is it contraband?

When, where, and does the 2a fall in here?


LOL :laughing:. Well I guess I did ask…
Thanks for the “motivation”


I finished a .300BLK build last autumn and didn’t get much time to test it. But I did buy some SB ammo for it and tried that. I was underwhelmed because of the ammo itself. The 110gr supersonic cycled my gun, but the 200s don’t. I have yet to make my own ammo. But I have bullets weighing 85gr & 125 (Maker), coated 158s, and 2 types of heavy Lehigh, then I have a mould for 235gr bullets that I’ll coat, and 800 pulled 200gr jacketed .300BLK bullets (Rem). Then if I need to try other bullets I have some designed to expand in a higher velocity window. So I should find something that works.

No doubt, but it’s really not designed for subsonic. Sure it can be driven subsonic, just like any other cartridge also can be, but to be subsonic and cycle a semi-auto, that’s the trick. The .300Ham’r is designed to be supersonic. It sounds like a good round for what it’s intended to be.

Talking about ballistics, the .300BLK isn’t setting records but that’s not it’s role. Think about a heavy subsonic load. They basically mimic a .45 ACP but in .30. That’s not setting any records, but again, that’s not the point of it. But I expect that after I get done shooting subsonic I can just change mags and shoot supersonic with it. Like any cartridge it’ll have it’s limitations and I’ll need to pick my shot same as I always have.

The Maker 85s? I’m looking at those for HD. They can be driven to 2800ish FPS with explosive results and less penetration in gel (7"). But slower driven bullets penetrate 14" with predictably a less explosive energy dump. What I don’t want from them is a pass through. At all velocities and in gel they hold together and give a pretty 3 petal expansion.

One of the things that sold me on the .300BLK was that it uses very little powder to do what it does. It’s a very efficient cartridge. And it does all of that out of a handgun length barrel, in my case 10.3".


That is exactly what the guy who is sniping deer said to me.