History of Federal 223 Ammo

Federal 223 ammo is where you should look when you demand quality, consistency, and high levels of accuracy. Having been in business for over 100 years and consistently ranked as the #1 ammo producing company in the United States, Federal Premium 223 is a step about the rest when it comes to putting rounds on target.

When you need to make sure your AR-15 is properly fed, Federal 223 is your best option. We offer .223 Federal ammo in 50 to 1,000 round packs.

And don’t worry about your nosey neighbors wondering what you got from us, because we will ship your .223 Federal ammo in an unmarked package to assuage any suspicion from onlookers.

Choose from a variety of Federal 223 ammo, with full metal jacket (FMJ) for practice, jacketed hollow point (JHP) and soft point (SP) ammo for varmints, and match grade Federal Premium 223 when you need the pinnacle of accuracy.

Federal 223 is produced with the finest components for a clean and consistent powder burn with minimal residue for you to clean after a long session at the range. Make sure you stock up on our wide variety of .223 Federal ammo and flex your 2A rights every chance you get!

The 223 Remington round is one of the most popular rifle rounds in the USA and Federal 223 ammo is ready to meet all of your shooting needs. With superior accuracy and consistency, professional and amateur shooters alike always reach for Federal 223 when they head to the range.

In most cases, it is safe to shoot .223 ammo from a rifle chambered for Federal 5.56 NATO; however, it is not safe to shoot Federal 5.56 ammo from a rifle chambered for .223 ammo.

There’s no doubt that .223 Federal ammo is some of the best in the business, but what’s the main reason you should stock up on it? Because Ammo.com offers you the best possible prices on all our bulk Federal 223 ammo cases.

Your order will be shipped in a discrete, unmarked package that won’t leave your neighbors talking about your ammo problem. Instead, they will have no idea that you’ve just purchased a case of .223 Federal ammo to bolster your stockpiles.

With the AR-15 being the most popular sporting rifle in the USA, it only makes sense that you have an ample supply of Federal 223 ammo at the ready for any scenario.

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