History of Federal 5.56 Ammo

Federal 5.56 ammo is where you should look when you demand quality, consistency, and high levels of accuracy. Having been in business for over 100 years and consistently ranked as the #1 ammo producing company in the United States, Federal 5.56 is a step above the rest when it comes to putting rounds on target.

When you need to make sure your AR-15 is properly fed, there are two ammo brands that consistently rank highly among shooters: American Eagle 5.56 and Federal XM193.

Federal XM193 is a clone of the US Military M193 round was a mainstay in the Vietnam War.

If budgetary constraints are keeping you down, then Federal American Eagle 5.56 is a great alternative at an overall lower price point.

American Eagle 5.56 lets you shoot the high-pressure ammo that your AR-15 craves while giving you the performance you expect from Federal 5.56.

Federal 5.56 ammo comes in full metal jacket (FMJ) just like the military uses. Federal 5.56 bulk ammo is also available to make sure that you keep your shooting costs as low as possible.

Some shooters worry about ordering Federal 5.56 55 grain bulk ammo, thinking that someone might notice their package. But this couldn’t be further from the truth as we ensure your Federal 5.56 is shipped in a discrete, unmarked package as to not arise suspicion.

No longer will your nosy neighbors have any idea that you are stocked to the gills with Federal 5.56 ammo. Furthermore, you’ll always be ready for any situation with your 1000-round bulk pack of American Eagle 5.56 or Federal XM193.

As a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment and shooting sports, Federal American Eagle 5.56 makes an awesome gift for any AR-15 lover or 2A supporter in your immediate or extended family. Give the gift of plinking this spring season and make sure your family shooter is locked and loaded with American Eagle 5.56 of Federal XM193.

Federal 5.56 ammo is produced with the finest components for a clean and consistent powder burn with minimal residue for you to clean after a long session at the range. Make sure you stock up on our wide variety of Federal 5.56 and flex your 2A rights every chance you get!

History of Federal 5.56 Ammo originally appeared on Ammo.com