HK is apparently working with Cobra


Sigh…I wish I could figure out how to legally make the kind of money it takes to be able to play like that…hell, I have a hard time coming up with $20 for ammo…


That’s geeky cool. I used to really dig GI Joe when I was a kid, VERY early 70’s they had the 12" GI Joes with the different ‘adventure sets’. I had the Army version Joe with the classic Jeep and bivvy set (sleeping bag, campfire, mess kit etc.) and I had the Navy Joe with the deep sea diver’s helmet and diving suit, complete with lead weights for the weight belt. The helmet had connectors for the air tubes that would go back to the surface, and the cool thing was it was FUNCTIONAL. You could blow air into the helmet through the tubes and it actually kept water from getting into the helmet.

Fast forward a couple of years and they started coming out with the 3" Joes, similar to the Star Wars figures except the Joes had more points of articulation in the limbs, which made them ‘cooler’ than the stiff Star Wars figures. I collected those for several years, acquiring a ton of the toys that went with the Joes, like the F15 Eagle and the Humvees, the other weapons platforms, the FOB “base”, and not least, all the COBRA stuff… lots of the troops (cannon fodder), all the Cobra top honchos (Destro, Baroness, etc.) Cobra avaiation assets, Cobra tanks, you name it. Basically I had enough stuff to fill a museum, or a small toy store. Cost me a mint to collect it all, and when I finally sold it while I was in college, I was able to get a good $$ for it because it was all in as-new condition the whole time. Even had a huge action figure case for all the figures I’d collected all those years.

I’d watched every cartoon, read most of the comics up to the 90’s, and generally have been a GI Joe fan my whole life. I noted the reboot of the reality-based 12" GI Joes pattered after actual military MOS’s, ranks, and branches, uniforms, weapons and vehicles; also the CIA operative figure (wearing sunglasses and unmarked khakis with a khaki boonie hat and khaki plate carrier vest), I think they even had a taliban figure with an AK47. The 12" figure that came with the most accessories was the Navy SEAL figure.

I even got the GI Joe movies.

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