Hk picture thread


For the truly deranged firearms enthusiast! When you have to buy the “best”. Show off what you bought instead of paying your mortgage!


Daddy bear, mommy bear, and baby bear!


Care of @srdiver


But…I liquidated everything to pay off my mortgage :facepalm:


There’s something to be said about lowering your debt to income ratio! It’s the smarter move in my opinion.




There is that pesky credit card debt, and I figured out whats going on


retailers are to blame, they keep emailing me lower, and lower prices,

pffft, I have to buy

I bought 2 when the price went down to 75.00

two more when it dropped to 69.00

and once I find a card to use I’ll place another order

stupid retailers


Great picture @switchpod of some real clean pieces. I will need to save more for any of those; however, in the meantime I will comfort myself a 91, 3 P7s, and 2 M4 sets. Oh, that is so much bragging, I apologize. :innocent:


Pictures!!! Or it’s not true :crazy_face:


I will try to get some pictures quick, Captain America !


Thank you Brother!

I want to dream and drool!


HK P30 V1 LEM trigger with luminescent sights.


Just a small VP9?


Same grip type. The p30 is hammer fired, so think of it as an HK45 chambered in 9mm.


Ahhh, did not see that


Hk lem trigger explanation.


Keine Kompromisse!


Beautiful pistol Brother!

Hahaha! I can see your paying homage to HK marketing with the iconic “rounds in backwards”!

Good play Brother!



you caught me, I thought it would take longer before I got called out lol,



are the bullets loaded backwards in your HK USP?

I have no experience with HK, but guns I do have experience with, the bullets point up and out of the mag.

Just curious (and concerned). Thanks.


Little known fact, the USP is such a good gun and well designed it does not care which way your mags are loaded. That’s how they got the motto No Compromise.