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This is awesome!


It’s an HK joke. In 2004 at shot show HK had pamphlets/ photographs made by a third party. The third party never even shot a gun before apparently, and at shot show the people setting up the sales area never noticed.
Once a patron told the sales staff that the cartridges in the magazine where in backwards HK had all the pamphlets destroyed! 50-300 made it out to the public and they are very rare.


I thought these were smart mags?

They’re not?

Damn, seemed like such a good idea not having to worry about silly stuff like the direction the bullets go.


Range report on the HK P30!

Now this was unexpected. I was using Blazer Brass 9mm ammo. We all know that it’s not loaded very hot, but that shouldn’t be a factor in my opinion.

Count them 5 failures to eject. One malfunction per magazine. On the 6th magazine I loaded 15 rounds and performed a mag-dump! That cured the issue, and fired another 150 rounds, 5 rounds in each magazine without a single malfunction. Let’s hope that it was a “break in period” you know, one of those things that in this day and age should be a thing of the past, especially with HK.


I am feeling much older after reading down the posts above, this is just about all I can play with:

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HK P30sk V3



HK MP5 22Lr. I guess it’s not really a HK. ITS made by Walther but licensed by HK.


Nice! I really like that one!


I got my USP45 V3 in 1996. Never one malfunction.