HK Stuff - Finally


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Don’t think I’ve seen a scope on a PTR before, pretty cool :sunglasses:




I think it’s the real deal. Not PTR IIRC a true HK claw mount is high dollars now.
But what do I know?


Best I can do. Not a lot of HK’s floating around here.


Good Morning. It seems by some comments that I may have actually hatched long-lost pictures. Well, I can hope, yes? anyhow they are all the real deal. M 91 with Hensolt scope on HK mount, plus some other accessories that came with it. There are 2 of 3 P-7s, one is out with my son. 2 sets of HK Mod 4, each have boxes to keep caliber conversion kits for .380, 32, 25, & 22. They all work and shoot well. Thanks