HK yeah or nay!

Ok Ladies and Gentlemen! the topic is HK pistols and rifles. Weather you love them or hate them we all have opinions, and I want to hear yours!
My story starts with I couldn’t care less about them. The price vs what you got was ridiculous in my view. 15 years later I finally bought one and 7 days later I bought another. I got bit hard by the “HK Bug”. I’m still not a fanboy of them buy a long shot, but it is hard to argue the durability, accuracy, and quality of the build.
I want to hear your thoughts about them. The company, the watered down rifle versions in the U.S., or the sky hi prices! tell me what you think.

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I think you get a hands down superior gun with IWI’s Jericho 941 F9 at a much more competitive price. HK doesn’t know what the words ‘good trigger’ mean and I don’t consider HK to be an overall innovative brand at all. They’re kind of boring and conservative from an industrial point of view. IWI (and FN) are a much more avant garde outfit. As for their AR variants, I don’t care for them. PWS is the name of the game. The MK118 Mod 2-M really is AR-15 Nirvana. HK might be a benchmark name in Europe, but not so much in the US. They’re grossly overpriced, getting support is next to impossible, and all they care about is agency contracts. I just have more faith in IWI and PWS.

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I agree in full with that especially the AR-15 platform. PWS is nice in my opinion, but i went with the POF line for the Nirvana feel. I like the jericho line, but I went for the original CZ 75/ SP-01 vs all the copy’s. they shoot almost the same as CZ. I wish Jericho copied the CZ magazine release spring design rather than the Tanfoglio style.
I own a lot of FNH I just wish the quality of the new pistols was there with the price. My first range day with the my new FNH FNX 45 the safety/decocker lever on the right side fell off on the 3rd mag. Thank you for your input. I glad I’m not alone on this view point.
P.S. PWS did knock it out of the park with the design of the modified long stroke piston system on the AR-15 platform.

The Jericho is a far better quality pistol than the CZ line though. Fit and finish are extremely good and everything is tool steel. It’s also very accurate and smooth. CZ machining just doesn’t compare.
I aree FN pistols aren’t that great. I was referring mostly to their mounts/weapons stations, pods, machineguns, the SCAR, and the bullpups. That’s where FN realy shines. If I were their CEO I’d focus entirely on those business areas.
One of the great PWS selling points is indeed the excellent piston design. It blows all other AR-15’s out of the water. POF is also a good brand. Basically all high end AR manufacturers are good to go, PWS just stand out significantly due to their piston design. They really showed that a good, well thought out piston in an AR can be done. And no Sir, Stoner didn’t have to take out that piston, if you get my drift.

HK neuters alot of their civilian rifles, the biggest let down was The mr556 IMO. Thier pistols are pretty nice my favorite being the VP9 or HK45 compact. HK has some of the best QC ,fit and finsh.

POF had some QC issues in the recent past but they got at it. As far as I know they’re good to go nowadays. LWRC is awesome and would be my second pick hands down.

In other words they have a screwy business model. People need to realize HK has always been, is, and always will first and foremost a govt contractor that doesn’t care too much about the commercial market. IWI and PWS on the other hand…

I like the Six8 UCIW. That’s really the ideal CQB Carbine although 6.8 has pretty much gone the way of the Dodo and isn’t really a viable option. It’s simply too expensive.

I like HK’s 416A5 by the way. But it’s retarded that they don’t offer an 18" version. 20 is too long but 16 is definitely too short for 62gr fmj to reliably fragment. 18 is perfect. Then again, I think HK is generally overrated. There are brands out there that make stuff that is just as good or better without having to break the bank. IWI, PWS, all high end American AR manufacturers, Walther. I like IWI and PWS best (Jericho 941 F9 and MK118 Mod 2-M respectively) and don’t have a need for anything else. Cleaned out the safe and did away with all my other guns a long time ago.

I wish HK did not taper the rifling in the barrels of there ar platforms and use proprietary bolts and chamber extensions.

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HK really is a copycat with their stuff. They copied the AR-15 and improved upon it. They copied the Mk.19 Mod 3 and improved upon it. They’re stuff is good and you can’t really go wrong with it, it’s just a tad bit overrated and definitely overpriced if you’d ask me. IWI and PWS are superior and not at all a far cry from any realistic price point. I’m not exactly Average Joe myself but I do stand up for Average Joe, if you get my drift. HK isn’t Average Joe’s gun… Sure, things like the VP9 might be, but that’s just HK’s entry level product. If you want their really good stuff it’ll cost you and arm and a leg, maybe even your marriage.


No more bushmaster acr, but you could get a Beretta ARX100 still.

I’d skip right over it for the SCAR though. The ARX has a horrendous trigger, pretty much comes as is and the charging handle is too small to rack in a serious fight (raw motor skills). No, I’d give the SCAR the edge. It is a superior platform with more after market behind it. You can really neatly trick out a SCAR nowadays. But I really don’t have a dog in this fight, I’m an Old AR-15 Nyet, rifle is fine kind of Fart.
But to keep things a little on topic: I wouldn’t know if the HK416A5 is superior to the SCAR. The SCAR seems to be a real winner whereas the HK416 is known to suffer from carrier tilt problems.

If I had to choose, I would choose the SCAR over the 416.

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Me too I guess. I am a piston guy though I trust very few piston AR’s. It needs to be done right. PWS and LWRC come to my mind first. Of course there’s Adams Arms, LMT, POF, Barrett etc as well. PWS is the best though because the piston action is very smooth and more of a subtle push rather than a punch. PWS really got it right. The bolt release on the HK416A5 is off. It should be a side tap, not a downward push. Kinda screwy, I don’t like it.

Fantastic paint job. I also like the SCAR’s BUIS very much, they’re excellent. The SCAR is a solid piece of work, you really can’t go wrong with FN. They’re a much more exciting company than HK. There’s waaaay more innovation in Herstal than in Oberndorf-am-Neckar.

Nice camo job!
I use to ceracoat for fun. Just got tired of it.

I have no dog in this fight due to not owning ether rifle. With that said knowing both companies and researching both rifles it is in my opinion that I would rather have a CZ BREN 805. Most people that own both seem to like the Bren more. In my experience with other firearms from both companies I have had far less failures from CZ than FN. It sucks, I wish I had better experience with FN. If there was a possible better one it would be .1% better than the other. That’s how I see it.

Chris can give a better answer than I did. And has a few more years in the biz!

Ok Brother! I just ordered the BREN 805. One of my buddies has both SCAR rifles, and I already have a Beretta ARX so once we get some trigger time I can give you an accurate answer!

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