holosun solar red dot

Looking at options for down the road, HS403C vs HS503CU.

Price difference can vary a lot and the only option the 503 has I really want is a killflash the 503 can have but the 403 has a lower price and the extra options the 503 has I really dont care about I just want a kilflash for the 403 and not have to spend that much more for just that option.

looking at solar only cheap sealed holosun red dots in the aimpoint mount style


Are you looking for user/owner comments? It’s unclear. But I’ll go ahead and act on that assumption.

I don’t know if I have those exact models (515c are my others if memory serves), but I’ve been using Holosun sights for quite some time now in competition and for many thousands of rounds. All of the ones I use have the solar option. Based on my experience I would trust my life with them. In fact I have some on my more critical grab and go SHTF firearms.

The only misgiving I have is with the latest one I purchased which is an open model. It seems to me that if crud blocks the laser that projects the reticle the unit basically is kaput until it gets cleaned. I think I prefer the closed tube type that you’re looking at and which all of my others are. But so far no problems with it so I might be foreseeing problems that don’t exist. My one other open model is a Trijicon RM06 and I’ve never heard of that problem with it nor have I experienced it with that sight.

FWIW, I removed the kill flash filters from mine. They reduced image sharpness enough to bother me, and frankly, I don’t see them used for sniping, so anyone close enough to be bothered by it is also close enough to see me. If I need something like that I can cover it with my sniper veil and paying attention to the sun will greatly reduce any problem if in an ambush position. Others might see it differently and that’s cool. I’d like get their take on kill flash.


I have the HS503CU and it’s decent. Not great, but decent. It seems to work well, but I do have one complaint. The quality of the dot decreases with increasing brightness. The dot is crisp on the low and medium settings, but becomes very scattered on the brightest settings. It works fine for my casual shooting purposes, but I wouldn’t recommend it personally.

I also have a Vortex Sparc II AR and the quality is fantastic. It’s not solar but it has a 50,000 hour AAA battery life.

A friend of mine has the small Sig red dot (I don’t recall the model #) and that looked great too.

Lot’s of options out there.


I find the same effect but it changes as my lense Rx changes so I suspect it’s the eye that’s at fault.


I have an Aimpoint PRO, and I also noticed that increasing brightness smudges the dot. The instructions said to try rotating the sight. If the smudges rotate, then it’s the scope. If they don’t rotate, it’s imperfections in your eyes or prescription.


LOL. Yes, my eyes are definitely aging, but my other red dots don’t have the same issue. The light scattering is rather extreme with the Holosun. I will try to snap a photo.


I notice it more with it set to auto-brightness. For me that’s just too bright as is. But electrical tape is an inexpensive way to cover some of the solar cells.

Edit: Whoops! I forgot until now… I put on my range glasses (different Rx) and the slight starburst I get is pretty much gone.