Holster/ mag holder suggestions please


I’d like suggestions from you fellows for a quality/ functional holster and mag pouch for my **m&p 2.0 9mm 5" handgun. OWB only. Thanks!!!


Bladetec or Blackhawk for kydex


What for, competition or carry? Bladetech or safariland ALS


For carry, preferably belt slotted


I recommend NSR or Greenforce tactical.
I have had a greenforce Tactical holster for years now and have no complaints. The wife loves hers as well. I hope you find what your looking for!


I’ll give them a look. Finding one to fit the 5" inch is proving challenging lol


My best luck and almost the only gear I use is High Noon Holsters out of Florida. Great gear.


I agree! They made my holsters for my CZ P07 and P01. Great product!


Thanks for the suggestions guys! Had difficult time finding holster for the 5" barrel! Ended up going with Alien Gear. Nothing to lose, 30 day trial period, so if I don’t like it I can get my $$ back. Also got their double mag holder. Holster can be used as a paddle or attach belt mod. Plus for $15, I can get additional skins to make same holster work with different guns. 1911 etc. We’ll see how it works. 47 For holster, 45 for double mag holder


Holsters - the above all are great suggestions. I have nine (9) for my single EDC M&P 9 that I use for various situations.

For my M&P 9 I have a DeSantis Sheath in my hip pocket that keeps my spare magazine hidden and handy. Reasonably priced, too.


Nice set-up you got there!


Blade-Tech can mold you a custom holster specific to your pistol and light of choice. I’d recommend OWB. As for mag pouches take a look at HSGI pistol taco pouches, singles or triples, whichever float your boat.


I wen’t through over a year of holster research and purchases and I ended up learning a base line for two issues. IWB carry and OWB carry. The type of holster you get DOES MATTER and some work better Inside the Waist and Outside the waist then you have to look at how secure you accept as far as other people grabbing your gun. If it is not a great concern of yours the list goes on and on. If it is a concern for usually OWB or outside the waistband carry you can’t beat a Safariland ALS holster. I also suggest to save money you look on Ebay for “Blade-Tech” holsters and Safariland holsters. I have gotten some of the best Blade-Tech IWB holsters for as ltitle as $19 and they are amazing for the price. For concealment comfort I have to say OWB i love the contoured Kydex holsters with the speed-ease type wing clips that go on your belt quick and off as well yet can’t be pulled off easily if grabbed or from daily carry. The way they contour to your body is second to none. For inside the pant carry I also have found nothing as comfortable as the Alien Gear 3.0 and now the 3.5 is even better due to the clips being better. The best thing other than comfort is for $15 you can get another shell for any other firearm you may have and switch it out instead of buying multiple holsters. Those are my tips. Some of the holsters are better on Ebay but some of them are as cheap or cheaper on their own sight especially if you are a Veteran or a L.E.O for that they offer discount codes. Vedder…Bravo Concealment… Raven Concealment…Alien Gear…Blade-Tech…Lucky Coyote on (etsy) …StayHolstered…BlackDog…Tactical Measures…Safariland…ALS for OWB if retention from “others” is a huge concern…1441 Gear…as for magazine carriers I got two “Egg-roll” universal type carriers from a place on line in San Diego called “Off the Grid Concept” but honestly you can get them off Amazon also and nothing wrong with mag carriers but as for me what I have found is I end up just carrying an extra mag in my pocket or cargo pocket if anything those accessory clips that you can attach to a magazine would do me better but that is my preference I hope this helps and if you have specific questions feel free to ask me…


This is my 686 Plus and believe it or not because of the awesome holster it’s actually comfortable to carry OWB with a good quality belt like a Kore Essentials Trak Belt. Love this kydex leather like finish holster I got from Huckleberry Tactical.


Looks awesome, hell of a setup!


thank you sir, it really is comfortable to carry even larger firearms OWB with the flush contoured kydex holsters especially with those speed-ease wings or regular wings…it fits flush to your body and if you wear an untucked tshirt like I do always it’s great.


This is one of the holsters i got in. Alien gear.


What about Crossbreed? I am looking for AIWB and like the look of those. Of course it’s not looks that matter. Don’t know if it makes a difference in choosing a holster but I am female and a little overweight. Also a new shooter and haven’t used any holsters.


Crossbreed makes some good stuff. I was having issues finding one for 5" length m&p 2.0. When my Beretta m9a3 comes in I’ll have more choices. The crossbreed is one of several I’m looking at.


Holsters are like shoes. We all have a box of holsters at home we don’t use any more. Both my wife and I found our match when we went to full kydex holsters. Try to find someone that has a few so you can try before you buy. You may notice that you don’t like one after a week of having it on you. Good luck to you tickleddog!