Holster/ mag holder suggestions please


Thank you. It’s going to be interesting since I never wear belts. :slight_smile:


I’ve been pretty happy with both Alien Gear & Crossbreed. I carry IWB most of the year and OWB if I know I’ll be wearing some good concealment clothing full time. That’s pretty rare here in Ca.
I carry a 1911 and the Supertuck and Cloak Tuck work well to keep the hammer from digging into my side. Good retention and good configurability (is that a word?)


So far I’m loving the alien gear setup I just got. Pretty well thought out.we’ll see how it holds up, I still think leather wears the most comfortable though.


Crossbreed is leather. Some of them are combo leather and kydex. I do have some leather IWB holsters that would work well for appendix carry but I always carry at 330 oclock or 4 oclock . Ofcourse Crossbreed is excellent but for comfort and value for a hybrid that neoprene padded backing on the alien gear 3.0, 3.5 AND new shapeshift or 4.0 is hard to beat and half the cost. You can also buy thirteen dollar shells for each firearm you have vs a whole new holster for the 3.0 and 3.5 IWB…


Thank you. I was starting to lean toward the Alien Gear Shapesift. Now I’m leaning a little harder :smiley:


I love my Alien gear cloak tuck 3.0s for concealed carry, and I run the MOD OWB holster on my competition belt. I find that has good retention and is comforta. That being said, I think their mag buckets suck. Way too big and I haven’t found a screwdriver to adjust the size of the buckets. I’d suggest a G-Code Softshell scorpion for mags. Retention is better and easier to adjust, and they sit closer to the belt.


The mag buckets are quite nice. Your wrench to adjust your mag buckets should be hidden inside of each bucket. The part of the bucket that slides to expose docking/mounting hole, small Allen key is hidden it there. Lol, I freaked at 1st too.


I just did some comparison’s to the one we have the IWB 3.0 tuck and the new 3.5 that takes all the holster shells the 3.0 takes…it is a bit smaller profile which might make the new 3.5 the one to get over all of them. When I get my money I’m gonna get the 3.5 vs the all new shapeshift based on the fact I already have five holster shells.