Holster you most often use? Show them!


It’s a expense for those that carry all the time seem to all fall into. Buying the “right” holster and even then going back to weighing comfort for security in carrying each. What are some of the one’s you guys carry?


Believe it or not, some of us gunowners have not kept up with the brands of what holsters we like. I know, shame on me.

Next time I go to a gun show, I will pay more attention.

I do have one I recall the brand - Kydex. Fits the gun like a glove. But, forget about having some other gun about the same size and shape fit into it. It seems to have been made for the one gun I needed it for.

But, to be clear, I do believe we all should be aware of what the brands of holsters are, how well they work, costs, etc. That is why I will start paying more attention to this topic.

Thanks for initiating this thread.


Some of mine I often use👀


I’ve got an awesome IWB holster for my CCW from GW Kydex. He’s local to me and a great guy. http://gwckydex.com/

I have a Dara holster for my competition holster.


Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 for IWB on my SP2022/XD Mod.2/P320, Alien Gear Cloak mod for OWB on my battle belt. Alien gear has been the best holster company I’ve had.


I love Alien Gear also. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 is great for carrying larger full size firearms comfortably also. I’m thinking about getting that 3.5 base to carry my smaller sub-compacts. The Stealth gear Revolution is great for comfort also but you can’t adjust the retention as well as you can with the different sized litany of rubber grommets Alien Gear provide you with. But if I’m being honest Bravo Concealment, Old model Raven Concealment Phantom holsters, Vedder light-tuck are my primary holsters running around when I’m off duty. I also use Safariland ALS and Serpa CQC if I feel like true retention over being concealed.


Galco King Tuck most often. Show it? It’s concealed under a belt and waistband.

On weekends when I wear an untucked shirt a plain 'ol Bianchi sheath/slide.

Pretty generic.

Like this but black.


Yeah I was trying to locate my pics of holsters on “me” that was the reason I wrote “show them off” hoping people would do like you did and show their favorite holsters or of them on their person.
After a thorough year if not more of research and spending a ton of money I have narrowed down my favorite holsters and put the rest in my big drawer. Bottom line despite the “brands” what I deduced my inventory to easy access are three categories. Kydex IWB, with two hybrids for carrying all day comfort…OWB high and up against my body Kydex and one custom leather for a specific gun…and OWB retention for work related and travel in riskier areas of RVA area I hail from…


I also like the Alien Gear. I have random others but The CloakTuck 3.0 is my current EDC. I did just order two new holsters that come tomorrow. CT 3.5 (IWB) and a Cloak Slide (OWB) as well as a shell for a third gun. With the interchangeability of the shells I have both Inside and outside options for three different guns. Shells are only about $12 so new guns are no problem.


Being able to swap out shells is incredibly convenient. I carried a couple guns before settling on one to EDC, so having that simple swap out convenience really helped my decide what I wanted.


Last count I had nine different holsters for my EDC (NYS mandates concealed). Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 is very comfortable but a bit bulky and (IMHO) hot in the summer.


ALIEN GEAR: THEY WENT UP TO $15 on their shells! From like you said 12 bucks to like 15. Way better than the over thirty doallar price tag for the Shape Shift shells.
Anyway, I love Alien Gear also. I even put one of their silly stickers on my zero turn lawnmower which I love more than about anything else in this world!! LOL!! I didn’t get the shape shift because I have too much invested in the Cloak Tuck 3.0 with way of “shells” for various guns so I’m very delighted they came out with the Cloak Tuck 3.5 with the better made and more comfortable design I can use all my shells.
That’s one system I didn’t put away in the big drawer. It’s just way too comfortable for all day carry not to get one and it’s almost half the cost as the Stealthgear USA ventcore series and the Crossbreed ANYTHING series . The other holster’s I kept out and love FOR IWB: Vedder Light Tuck THE ABSOLUTE BEST TACO type designed kydex holster, And the one’s that aren’t Vedder that I got off Ebay for $30 or less I tweaked and polished them up and changed out cheesy clips for great clips by Bravo Concealment AND OFCOURSE the Bravo Concealment Torsion and regular D.O.S holsters I kept out to use often… FOR OWB Kydex one’s that vary but are the same, made for specific guns but roughly the same quality and build. RCS Phantom which those tards at Raven Concealment don’t make anymore for some reason and are supreme, but you gotta find them on ebay now a days and they are expensive, between 80 and 100 bucks but they are worth it because they also are “dual” holsters. You can run the RCS Phantom in both IWB and OWB and they suck up to your body like a glove. 1441 gear is a good one, Lucky Coyote from ETSY is another great OWB, Black Dog concealment another great company and I kept one I had made for my seven shot 686 3 inch by Huckleberry Tactical in a brown leather raptor Kydex that looks amazing. The others I kept out as aforementioned are retention holsters I use for traveling to questionable area’s and for work related functions like training etc and they make up a litany of Serpa CQC holsters and the absolute best for my muscle memory because for over 24 years as a Police Officer it’s the system we use are the Safariland ALS holsters. All my retention holsters I use are on the belt mount not a paddle. IMHO the paddle is fine for around the house and quick outings but don’t fool yourself into thinking they will ever stay on you during a gun grab with exception “maybe” to the paddle for the Safarilands but they definitely have a purpose. For me I may use a paddle when I do yard work because you never know when you may come upon a copperhead snake"…thus endeth my inputstrong text


Well no argument you’ve tried a plethora of holsters. And I agree about the Aliean Gear interchangeably. The Shape shift to me was interesting but seems too bulky. Happy with what I’ve got.


Take a look at Black Arch Holsters, what I look for in a concealed carry holster the three C’s compact comfort concealability!


So here’s my new Alien Gear rigs.

Cloak Tuck 3.5 & Cloak Slide

The newest mod is no tools required cant and ride adjustment. Also no hardware up against you body. I just got these yesterday and will start wearing them today. I’ll update in a week or so.


This has been a tough subject for me. As a slightly plump female, it’s hard to find something that is comfortable without printing like the New York Times. I am currently using an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB on my 3 o’clock. I had to get a new gun belt though. I was on the last hole and if that thing slips even a little bit, it digs into my leg. As long as the belt is tight enough, it’s comfortable, though. I’ve tried the Dene Adams corset holster, which conceals very well but doesn’t provide easy access. All the belly band types have the same problem plus they tend to roll on me. I do like the sticky holster, but it makes going to the bathroom in public a bit tricky.


BTW. The wife says she’s out of responses for the day. She was going to tell you that I was right. I told her you would jump on the public peeing comment.
I can read you like the back of a cereal box.


:anguished: shnikey!!?? $2k.
Must be to the bad area you live in. Calculated by the zip code.


I have a 3.5 on the way and I am sure I will love it since I love my 3.0. It’s very comfortable. I hope the 3.5 will be the same.


@EQuinn That’s why I always use a stall when I do my business. I also use sticky holsters frequently and for me the opposite is true. They are easier to take in and out then dealing with a rig attached to a belt and pants. I do recommend anyone carrying pay the sixty bucks and go to “KORE ESSENTIALS” website and order one of their “gun belts”. Not a “fashion belt” but a gun belt. The trakline belts are second to none and a whole new world in carrying a firearm. You simply won’t believe the difference.