Holster you most often use? Show them!


I have a 3.5 on the way and I am sure I will love it since I love my 3.0. It’s very comfortable. I hope the 3.5 will be the same.


@EQuinn That’s why I always use a stall when I do my business. I also use sticky holsters frequently and for me the opposite is true. They are easier to take in and out then dealing with a rig attached to a belt and pants. I do recommend anyone carrying pay the sixty bucks and go to “KORE ESSENTIALS” website and order one of their “gun belts”. Not a “fashion belt” but a gun belt. The trakline belts are second to none and a whole new world in carrying a firearm. You simply won’t believe the difference.


So mine (CT 3.5) was perfectly comfortable yesterday. (day 1)
But I gotta tell you the belt clips are tight. Biggest fight was getting the dang things over my belt.


As a female, I also always use a stall. But there’s not always a convenient place to put the gun So far I’ve done Okay but it could get awkward. I’d rather have it attached so I don’t worry about it.


Here is a 1441 Gear actually “on” my person for my full size CZ 75 That rides well and is very comfortable


@ SAK67…I saw a video awhile back on Black Arch holsters and now their website looks incredible. They look very comfortable. Are they made the same or better than Alien Gear?


Crossbreed for Kahr cw45


@RSjr, Black Arch holsters have really stepped up their game in the last few years, they’re fantastic holsters at a fair price. I have both brands based on materials used and comfort level Black Arch holsters wins hands down in my book.


I was one who thought the alien gear shape shift looked to bulky until I saw one. IWB style is smaller than the 3.0 and is more flexible as it only has 1 mount point. About 6 wks ago I received the shape shift starter kit for a Glock 19. Worth the money.


I have been thinking on that shapeshift holster for IWB. I just have too much invested already in the alternate shells for the 3.0 and 3.5 to justify it right now. I wish other companies that make hybrid holsters would realize how much better it would be to do just like Alien Gear did with their Shapeshift holster and have an actual “contained” holster on a comfortable “backing”. That solves all the problems that are concerns for many with hybrid holsters with retention and total covering and protection of the trigger. Crossbreed did something “similar” with their belly band system but who the “frog” wants to pay a hundred bucks for a holster system they realistically won’t even use that often?


This is good to hear. I was close to going with the ShapeShift in my recent purchase. Two things stopped me. They don’t yet have a shell for the PPQ on the ShapeShift. (Though will soon) The other reason, like you, they looked a bit to bulky for IWB. So if you don’t mind, share a few pics that show how they wear and conceal. I think we’d all appreciate it.
Might be awhile before I need to purchase a holster again but I’m clearly interested.


I don’t have the Shapeshift holster. Just the 3.0 and 3.5.


Understood. I was responding to @Jeff300. Sorry for the confusion.


So the 3.0 is for a colt 1911 5” barrel. Which is thinner than the Glock 19.


I have to say the shell looks sleeker than aliens. Speaking about the black arch holster that is.


I thought this one went with the first group showing depth. Any way we have all spent hard earned dollars on gear without being able to compare with other options. I see some rigs I didn’t know about. This is a good post boys an girls. Well done.


Thank you. The pics are very helpful. The first pic does make it look bulky but it conceals fine. Probably go that route next time.


Here’s a couple different angles.

PROTOS-M with DRI-MATRIX breathable backer.