Holster you most often use? Show them!


Glad to see so many love Alien Gear! I love mine & barely feel like I’m wearing a weapon! The only thing I want to upgrade is my belt! @TacticalUnicorn1776 and @DarkCornerGunworks recommend this:

…which I will get soon!



:alien::gear: (cloak tuck) FTW


I use a Bigfoot gun belt. I got the dress version which is a 1 1/4” wide. Basic leather with steel core. Their customer service is pretty good, too.


I use KORE ESSENTIALS GUN BELTS. I have two. One brown leather and One the new tan web type belt that is even stiffer. The track belt is the ONLY WAY TO GO. You can adjust it by increments not just inches. You can also do so with ease in seconds while you are sitting or standing. Love em"




Once again Im not a handgun person. But I do one. Its for the ole lady, but I have two holsters. a Safariland belt holster for her. Mine is a Mitch Rosen Shoulder rig.
I do not know squat about holsters but dang is this rig confy, holds everything in place even when running at jumping.
I dont EDC carry…yet, but I did wear it to work one day. It was Antifa’s day of rage Nov 4th last year. The boss said we all should carry that day. So I locked the Sig in the glove box until I got to work, and wore it all day. Everyone else was open carrying.
At the end of the day the boss scolded me for not being a team member. then I took my jacket off. He ordered one shortly after.


For that kind of money it better be comfy!


and i did not even get the lined one