Home defense shotgun pattern - BoomStick Tactical


A shotgun is a great home defense tool but it is important to know how it will perform with different loads. The length of the barrel also influences how it will spread. Do you know how your shotgun will perform at a certain distance?


Thought this was a great demonstration when I watched it yesterday! Get more ammo yet? Lol


Great video!

I laughed plenty, especially after showing each Mossberg Shockwave result!

I’ve had a shotgun since I was eight years old, but still very good information for those that aren’t familiar with the different shotgun configurations and loads that are available for them.

Yes, I know exactly how each of my shotguns perform and with what ammo.

Good stuff!!

Thanks for sharing!!! :+1:


Thanks for watching


Yep. I bought a couple boxes last night.


Not patterning your SG is like not sighting your other weapons.
Our range has a lane just for such.
FIL has a Winchester 12 gauge pump for home defense.
Took him to the range and the first 2 he put in the dirt. :open_mouth:
He’s much better now after a few lessons and being able to see the results.


Very true


Thanks for the video demonstrations.
Movies and tv shows give a very false impression of the effects and expectations of using shotguns.
Videos like yours help to correct that.
As you demonstrated, a full length gun with a modified barrel or choke will generally give excellent results.
More than other combinations, and that’s what I’ve always used for shotgunning.


Hollywood has done a lot of damage to the image of guns.


I think we could do a whole series of Hollyweird screw ups.