Home Security System Protect Your Home - BoomStick Tactical


What are your thoughts on home security systems? They can certainly give you an advantage.


Probably cheaper to go your route though :thinking:


Good info, something to weigh pros & cons of


I used to install them. No matter what you use, or how good it is, it only works when you turn it on.


Thanks for taking the time putting that video,links together and providing good information for others :+1:

Definitely a very good starting point for anyone who’s in the market of a home security system.


Thanks. I try to keep the articles and videos relevant and accurate as possible. I hope to sometime have a channel here also.


Very true. If you don’t turn them on they don’t do any good.


Just need to work hard, @full30nick is opening up some more channels, just need to get his attention. You can use the community channel if you wish to cut ties with youtube. IMO, better quality videos here.


We mostly got ours for the fire alarm if we aren’t home they can save the dogs.


Bad guys prefer easy targets. Anything that makes noise (alarm systems, dogs) or increases their visibility (outdoor lighting) are all good deterrents. However, none of these things will stop a bad guy who’s wacked out on drugs…but a large caliber firearm certainly will. :wink: