Homebrew beer

Made a batch of my homebrew ale yesterday. Falls into a Scottish brown ale category sort of… I use continental hops…

Makes 11 gallons

16 pounds of Golden Promise malt (base malt, sweet/malty backbone)
3.5 pounds of Victory Malt (Biscuit malt, adds a bready note and body)
.75 pounds of British extra dark crystal(160L) malt (caramel malt, color and a roasted grain/coffee note)

Mash in 7.5 gallons of water at 162 degrees(rests at 154 after mixed in) for 60 minutes
Sparge with 8 gallons of 170 degree water until desired boil volume is reached(this can vary with your equipment and setup)

Boil 60 minutes. First hops at 60 minutes are 2 oz Perle, at 5 minutes left add 2 oz Hallertau

Cool to 65-75 degree pitching temp, drain to fermenters, and add Nottingham Ale yeast. One packet per 5.5 gallon fermenter.

Ferment 10-14 days then bottle or keg. I keg now.

The brew rig

The keg fridge taps(hey it is gun related!)

And the beer


Beautiful! The bullet handles are an exquisite touch of ellagance as well!


I Like beer.


11 gallons of fresh beer


sounds like you need some help to keep it from going flat


Awesome setup. Been into home brewing since the early 90s when I was stationed in Colorado. Just remember, beer is proof God loves us. At least that is what Ben franklin thought, LOL.


Still fermenting! That takes 7-10 days… Then 3 days under CO2 in the keg fridge to carbonate


You must be popular with the neighbors. Very cool!


3 friends have half gallon growlers with a CO2 BB gun cartridge on them to keep the beer carbonated. So a batch doesn’t last long!


Echo Ale? Why not Ballistics Brew? Or Bullet Beer?

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Named after a location LOL

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hop harvest has started!

This is the Willamette I grow, good in English ale and lagers. I also grow Chinook which is great in an IPA and Northern Brewer which is a bittering hop mostly…

After dehydrating I ended with 8 ounces. Considering hops are rather expensive this saves me case! Second year so they should produce even better next year.


You homebrew IPA? :heart_eyes:

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Wow! No way I could do that… I would ultimately quit drag racing, brew beer and just be buzzed all the time :crazy_face:
I LOVE a good beer… in case that wasn’t obvious.

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IPA? ok, I hate to be negative when it comes to beer but… IPA is the most bitter, brake fluid tasting beer I’ve ever had. Yeah, I’ve tasted brake fluid. Is that supposed to be an “acquired taste” ?

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There are IPA’s that don’t taste like gas LOL I start with a malt that is sweeter to offset the bitter and barely make it into IPA range IBU(bitter measure) wise. And I use a hop that adds a citrus note along with sweet orange peel to boost the citrus. Actually a pretty refreshing beer.


7 more gallons of Chinook hops picked today, leaves just the Northern Brewer to pick but my dehydrator is at capacity! And then some, have a makeshift dehydrator setup!


I’ve had some IPA’s that didn’t deserve the label (no hop flavor) but don’t recall a bad one

but understand tastes, I love bourbon and have no taste for Irish/Canadian & other sweet whisky’s

I have had some IPA’s they crammed so many hops in they do taste like gasoline… as with everything balance in favors…

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