Homemade spray case lube

It’s been many years since I used a case lube pad.

In the past I would buy a spray on case lube from a progressive loading press mfgr’. Now I can make my own. I can’t take credit for the formula, I got it from YouTube from a gent who shows how to make 1 3/4" shells from longer ones.

It’s super simple.

Acquire a bottle of some type. I used an empty booze bottle. If it isn’t empty empty it in a suitable manner. It needs to be large enough to allow for shaking to mix the mixture.

Everything should be at room temperature or warmer. I followed the video directions the first time by warming the alcohol to 110°F, but that’s unnecessary and alcohol is flammable. The way I did it was to warm a large pot of water to 150+°F and put the alcohol, inside it’s container, into the water. It’s not required as I found out today.

Everything goes into the empty bottle. Using >95% isopropyl alcohol measure out 12 ounces. I used 99% iso’ that Amazon delivered to me. Add to it 1 tablespoon of liquid lanolin oil. Optional is a scent oil of some type. The commercial version lacks this, I added fir needle essential oil for what I’m about to write in a bit. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and your brass in a tray. Spray the brass to give a very light coating. Allow the alcohol to evaporate and it’s ready for sizing.

OK, why the fir oil? It makes an awesome moisturizer and I like fir. But frankly the scent w/o the oil is neutral once the alcohol evaporates. To use as a moisturizer just a spritz or 2 on the hands and rub it around before the alcohol dries. No need to massage it in.

It might make a hand sanitizer also, but I just don’t know. The alcohol content is high enough, but C19 has a fat sheath that protects the DNA strand. Sanitizer (and soap) works to kill it by removing that fat sheath. Would the lanolin oil counteract the effect of the alcohol in the spray? I just don’t know. But the alcohol is what’s required for sanitizer, just omit the lanolin and add a small quantity of Aloe for genuine hand sanitizer. Just don’t let the alcohol content drop below 60% and you’re good.


Will give it a try. I currently use bacon grease on folded up paper towels. Reloaded thousands this way with no issues other than a hint of cooking bacon when shooting after the barrel gets hot, which I love.


Without ready to eat bacon on hand that would not be cool :grin:


Everything’s better with bacon!