Hope For Veterans With PTSD


It’s called a stellate ganglion block. I’m flying to Chicago today, the procedure is tomorrow. I’ll update everyone on how I feel afterwards.




They’ll numb you from the shoulders up?



Maybe I’ll tell them there’s not much up there to numb anyway. :grin:


I don’t even want to start when it comes to the VA…hopefully it will help you, But IMO I would not do it…


You’re about two hours away from me. Wish I was able to stop in and say hi. Best of luck.


Best of luck!


Tell your surgeon “He better do it right” or he could feel the full effect of FULL30 getting PO’d over one of its own!


ThisOldGun, good luck :+1:


Good luck tomorrow. :+1:


Good luck :four_leaf_clover: hope everything goes smoothly!


Thank you for the well wishes everyone. Let me reiterate- this is a private provider doing trials,
not the VA.

So the wife and I flew to Chicago. Very foggy. At least there was no snow. The surgical center was impressive, and all the staff were very friendly.

As to the procedure, it’s one to two shots after they numb you. I didn’t remember a thing, just waking up in the recovery room. Men that were twice my size were crying after they got their first shot because they were able to be happy again. I had tears streaming down my face because after the second shot I felt nothing. I went back in for a third time.

I got dressed and left thinking nothing happened. As the chemicals in your body that deal with your fight or flight response start to go down for those of us who’s brains have changed since Combat, I started to feel more calm. There was no epiphany, no huge physical indicator that anything was happening. Nothing. I felt it was another waste, and that this was the end. I had struggled for years, even struggled with my worth on our mortal plane, then at lunch I didn’t realize it but I didn’t have to sit facing the door scanning the room for threats. I could glance up and accomplish the same thing. I didn’t feel impending doom when we left lunch. I didn’t feel so nervous in crowds, but still aware and confident. I held my wife’s hand, looked into her eyes and told her I loved her. She said she could see part of me coming back. I felt like I was coming back. I felt self worth again. It’s been getting better hour by hour. Little things don’t send me into an angry rant, I’m able to be content and happy. I’m able to enjoy my kids and be their dad.

I didn’t know about this until I talked with another combat vet who had it done. He’s also a counselor by trade. I won’t go into the details as to why the VA with their heads up their behinds screwed up their trial when they tried it. Needless to say, the provider in Chicago is the best. I know we all struggle and from different things but if you’re new here, you’re a vet, and you see this let me tell you. It’s no joke. There is hope.

Thank you for letting me share everyone.


Glad to hear of your positive results, best of luck @ThisOldGun


ThisOldGun, :+1:


Thank you gentlemen! I don’t normally post personal stuff on here but when it’s done right by me and I feel it can truly help not just veterans, but anyone suffering from PTSD, I had to share.


We should have had lunch! There’s nothing to say I won’t be back though. He seems to call back certain patients so who knows!


choked up reading that, got me


Yeah… that does sound nice.


stand beside you on this one.


So glad it worked out for you!


Great to hear that you can have some of yourself back that you sacrificed for our country. :+1: