'Hope they don't find out' or 'Build a better mousetrap'

While I am pleased to now be living in PA vs NJ, something came across my monitor today that just tickled me pink. NJ has had an ‘assault weapons ban’ since before the expired federal version took effect in 1994. In fact the federal version was largely copied from NJ’s. Essentially you couldn’t have a semi auto RIFLE with any fun or functional features, a PISTOL over an arbitrary weight or with fun and functional features, or a SHOTGUN blah blah blah…You get the idea.

Ladies and gentlemen(and the rest of you clowns), I give you the MODMAT SBF

It ain’t a ‘rifle’ or a ‘pistol’ or a ‘shotgun’. It has a threaded 11.75" barrel, a flash suppressor, a collapsible ‘arm brace’, a vertical forward grip and the best part…

It’s NJ legal(because of what it ain’t) and actually even MADE in NJ.

The only way this thing could be a bigger middle finger to the statist asshats in Trenton is if it had a bayonet lug(I should drop them an Email).


This looks cool! It reminds me of the Franklin Armory Title I, but with a shorter barrel.

I’m trying to figure out how it’s not a pistol. Is that because of the second grip? The Title I didn’t qualify as a pistol either, because it was both too long with a 16” barrel, and had a vertical foregrip.


I found this. It looks like the length of the barrel was chosen carefully so that the overall length is greater than 26” (11.75” barrel + 8” receiver + 6.5” arm brace). This way, the ATF doesn’t consider it concealable on the person. So if you added a folding stock adapter, it would become an NFA Any Other Weapon.


There is also a requirement that the the barrel be less than 12”, or it would become an AOW (EDIT: NVM, only applies if the overall length is less than 18”). You really have to be careful if you want to swap uppers or arm braces on this thing. You can’t use a barrel 1/4” shorter, or it might not be the overall minimum 26”. You can’t use a barrel 1/4” longer, or the barrel would qualify it as an AOW.


I have no interest in one. I can own legit machine guns with any features I want here in PA for the right price. I just like that it has everything anti-2A NJ politicians hate yet it’s legal because they specifically used the terms ‘rifle’, ‘pistol’ & ‘shotgun’ when they wrote the stupid law.

As to federal law, it would just be a braced ‘firearm’ without the vertical grip, but under NJ law taking the VFG off would make it an illegal ‘assault’ pistol.


I think the VFG is critical to making it not a pistol. Without it, it becomes a “one-handed” weapon according to the ATF, and therefore a pistol.


Possibly, but since it is factory built with a buffer tube specifically for that brace, and the buffer tube is integral to the firearms function, it is hard to argue the brace is just an ‘add on’ accessory(like the early braces that simply slipped over smooth pistol buffers). Being above 26" OAL with or without the VFG should still make it a ‘firearm’ under NFA. It’s similar to adding a longer brace to an AR pistol. If the resulting configuration is over 26", even though it was originally a pistol, you can add a VFG without it becoming an AOW because its OAL turns it into a ‘firearm’.

NFA is screwy. The general understanding is ‘once a rifle/shotgun, always a rifle/shotgun’ but pistols don’t seem to follow that rule. You can never convert a factory completed rifle to a ‘pistol’ without filing a Form 1 and paying the for a tax stamp, but you can freely convert a pistol to a title 1 rifle and then back to a pistol again. While the receiver is installed in a conversion(like the Mechtech unit I linked) it is very much 100% a rifle and not a pistol under the law.


when i got my 2 lowers in last month they were classified as “other”. lol


The Mrs was pissed when I converted her carbine to a pistol. She had to give up her 90 degree fore grip. Replaced it with a 45, she puts up with it. Then I put her 90 on the daughter’s M4. Got the evil eye.
Im staying away from all the brace mess. Have the original blade. Fits wee Asian girls just fine.


I’m hoping it was a pistol before being a carbine…

In reality, if you built it on a stripped or 80% receiver, ATF-U will never know. It’s just that technically ‘once a rifle, always a rifle’ which is absolutely ridiculous. It’s only that way because they originally wanted to include handguns in the NFA and make it a federal crime to make something concealable without paying a tax stamp. ATF-U also wrongly classifies the lower/grip frame as a firearm. If I can buy an FFL manufactured AR pistol, why is that any different than if I use a previous AR rifle lower to build an identical pistol? Hell, they collected MORE tax on the long gun.


Lots of traps already in place, why can’t I put that much into MY retirement account monthly but I can send it to oblivion and the pyramid scheme.