hornady ammo


This picture was sent to me on Twitter. The sender said he contacted them about this and was told, get this, it’s a feature.

Ahh, a what? I would call it a failure of quality control.


Came that way OOB or has it been chambered?


I was told each time he chambered a round, the bullet would drop inside the case like that.


Sounds and looks like the crimp is not right. You can see they are belled out at the case mouth in the pic. Someone forgot a station or the station is out of adjustment.

“feature” eh? A couple thousand free CUPS? No thanks! Could be very bad in something like 40cal.


If you chamber a round often enough, it will create setback even for the high quality ammunition.

This is why it’s important to cycle out our carry ammunition every so often and to not chamber or re-chamber rounds a bunch of times.

If he re-chambered his round twice and this happened, it’s definitely a problem. If he chambered his round 50 times and this happened, it is not a problem and he needs to stop re-chambering his ammo so often and cycle out for new carry ammunition.



Although I have been using the inertia hammer and then re-crimping my black talons for years.


From the way he was talking to me, it was chambered once. He contacted them and was told that’s a feature and no refund. I call it a manufacturing defect.


If it were me I would shoot video of chambering some and post it with appropriate taggage.


shit! Thats a “feature” they can keep.


You don’t want SPACE SAVER AMMO??:joy:


Here’s another “feature” I found in a box of ammo at my last range session:


4mm hex head! Wtf!


Sideways installed primer…for those who prefer to shoot their “gats” sideways :grin:


Thats a real primer?



Yessir…right out of the factory box. I just happened to notice it while loading my mag.


Ghetto primed?


Gangsta style!


Considering all the ammo that comes out of the factories each day, it’s a miracle there’ not more of these kinds of mistakes.


Over the tens of thousands of rounds I’ve used, worst I’ve had was one crushed case, and one primer in upside down.