Hornady vs cuomo

Above you will find hornady contact info
Please let them know how much we apreciate them standing with us the people
And telling cuomo to stickit


Whats the back story here?

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www.guns.com › 2018/04/30 › hornady-…
Hornady refuses to sell ammo to NY agencies after Cuomo gun initiative - Guns.com


Go hornady!!! More companies should do this.


God Bless Hornady. It would be great if Speer {Gold Dots} and Federal {HST} would do the same and get the state and municipal police frantic. Let them shoot cap and ball revolvers.

Emperor Cuomo has been a thorn in the side of right-minded New Yorkers for too long. He’s rather punish the NRA members than murderers and robbers. 90% of New York State residents are citidiots who live in 10% of the state surface area and have no use for sporting firearms. An impossible task for those of us who live in the other 90% of the state geography to out-vote.

Unfortunately even though I am outside the “forbidden zone” five boroughs around NYCity that the S.A.F.E. Act castrates there are many vendors who won’t ship ammo to ANY part of NY for fear of this crackpot. Happily some do.


I boycott everything NY and let them know why.
Firearm owners could shut the city down at rush hour easily.

It’s time.