Hot weather summertime carry guns!


Beat the Heat! Concealed carry for Shorts and t-shirt.


Nice gear! I usually carry whatever I want , only replacing my leather accessories with kydex. I always wear a thin short sleeved overshirt to conceal, either 5.11 series shirt or Levi/Wrangler shirt. Preferably snap, not buttons.


@LonewolfMcQuade, thank you! so under no circumstances would you consider trying to carry concealed with just a t-shirt and shorts?


Good question as I do just that most of the time. If the t-shirt is loose enough and long enough I even sometimes carry in an OWB.
I found after being hyper sensitive about printing for a few years, people really just don’t notice. I’m not an intimidating character so most folks would never assume I’m armed.


@mquinn55, I hear you about the printing i’ve never been made yet, what type of setup do you carry in (shorts and a t-shirt) Sub Compact, compact, full size?


@SAK I have carried in the past with just t-shirt/shorts when I carried IWB, which I’m not fond of. I prefer OWB or my Galco leather shoulder rig.


@LonewolfMcQuade, understood thanks.


Kimber Ultra Raptor (1911) in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB or an off brand kydex OWB.


@mquinn55 I got to give you a lot of credit for pulling that off successfully, I have tried to carry my 1911’s in just a t-shirt it prints like mad! I guess it all depends on what body/ holster type/size you are.


Nice ,indeed…



Nice combo of gun and knife.

Interesting grip on the gun. Never seen that before.


@JohnB, When you line the grip’s up side-by-side it looks like one complete skull.


I’m pretty sure body type matters a lot. Mine is such that people avert their eyes in horror. I can’t go to the beach because crowds of people try pushing me back into the ocean to save me.




Also, what brand is the laser ? I have been thinking about adding one to my P238.


@JohnB, Viridian reactor 5 instant on instant off, Earth magnet.


Thank you, SAK67.

Sounds expensive! I know too little about accessories - need to learn!

I have seen people at the range using lasers - sometimes with great success. The ones that don’t do so well are using them on guns that are too light for the caliber. You can always see the huge jump in the laser beam when they shoot and miss their point of aim considerably. But the ones that use them well, now that is what I want! Bullet pretty much goes where they are aiming (judging from the laser beam).


@JohnB, it sounds like you’re describing trigger control issues!



I dunno, maybe. But, when I check to see what they have, invariably the ones not doing so well, the guns are small.

But, I shoot my LCP II, pretty well - even without a laser - and it is very small. So, who knows…


Still, I probably would not put a laser on my LCP II.

But, I am considering put one on my P238 (much heavier than the LCP II).


Wow, SAK67 - you have mighty good taste in ammo!

I like everything you showed in your picture.