House Resolution 145 Dangerous

The Democraps have put forth a resolution to end debate and any chance of changing HB 8 or HB 1112 in congress. (Universal Background Checks) and renaming it as Bi-Partisan.

A way to ramrod anti gun legislation with little debate and removing any chance to change anything within the bill. My Way or the Highway. This goes against the principles of free speech and removes and restricts any chance for Representatives to voice their constituents views or offer true meaningful changes to legislation. This is a dangerous resolution that sets precedence for tyrannical rule within the House of Representatives.


I’ll be obeying the law like one of the demoncraps filthy illegal criminals. :+1:

What’s one more felony at this point. :wink:


Here’s where we have to write the POTUS. He needs to veto this shit. The libs and media would come unglued but his base would grow as well.