House Turncoats


The recent bills that were sent to the Senate had eight Republican Turncoats vote for them.
Otherwise the Republicans held their ground and voted against them.
This is a good thing because it takes the steam out of the anti-gun crowd and gives credence to the Senate to kill the bills.

Here are the turncoats:

  • Buchanan, Vernon (FL)
  • Diaz-Balart, Mario (FL)
  • Fitzpatrick, Brian (PA)
  • Hurd, Will (TX)
  • King, Peter (NY)
  • Mast, Brian (FL)
  • Smith, Chris (NJ)
  • Upton, Fred (MI)

But to be fair there were two Democrats that voted against it too
Jared Golden (ME)
Collin Peterson (MN)

Perhaps our efforts can make a difference.


Two from the Purple state of FL I see

wolves in sheeps clothing from the beginning no doubt


The guy from Texas is from El Paso. It is usually a little left of Austin.


Texas will be blue in 7 years according to their current rate of decay.


^ Yup @Sarge4206th and my wife+child and I will be out in less than 5, probably ~3. F Texas.



Not 2, but 3:

  • Buchanan, Vernon (FL)
  • Diaz-Balart, Mario (FL)
    Mast, Brian (FL)

Florida has to be the most evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats of all the states. Could be in part due to the huge number of New Yorkers that retire to FL. Either way, it is a state where I feel my vote really matters.