House votes in favor of illegal immigrant voting



I have nothing but profanities for a comment on this…so I wont…


That’s sad, I came here legally and became a citizen leaglly. I could not vote and had to sign a waiver to state I could claim benefits form this nation. I disagree with this, you should have this right only if your an American!..court adjourned !


^ This. Right now I’m so utterly unfiltered if I were to put out what I really think I don’t think it’ll end well.

So I’ll simply say this. Fuck. These. People.


@Robert (et al)

So, how is this Constitutional?

Aren’t they supposed to support and defend the Constitution?

Very sad how they abuse their power to stay in power.


Demoncraps LOVE law breakers.

Be one.


Not a surprise really.
They corrupted the last election with the busing game and some voting many times.
The fact they publicly admit it with this type of BS just shows how they want to tear down the American System.