How a Democratic House will affect gun rights



She is so stupid, I am surprised she knows how to breath. Scary part is that people throw money at her like no tomorrow.


The demoncraps will try to make everyplace as fucked up as they have in and to NJ NY CA MD MA CT ILL.
Senate will hold them back
For now
But not down the road.


whats scary is we have a democrat house and a president that has enacted the most gun control in 10 years. (Or working on it)


Don’t be so sure. There have always been turn-coat republicans. With only a narrow majority all we need is a couple of dissenters to vote the other way for our lives to be ruined.


Well, I mean, Nina-Pinta-Santa Maria-Cortez in NY was voted in office. THAT tells you just how close to full anarchy we are with stupid sheeple like that. Maxine Waters, John Wiley Price (local Dallas city guy, but still counts for this discussion), Shiela Jackson Lee, Feinstein and those other far left communists (some out right criminals) are repeatedly voted in by the dumbest of American people without hesitation.

The dumb people are winning and that is what I’m having a hard time with.

Red Flag for Tennessee

So much winning… and for the most part, I want them too. Reality will strike them all hard, like a 2 edged sword… bring on Venezuela USA style! :crazy_face:



Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it (though it might not turn out like you want).


Oh I’m not sure about anything the corrupt D+R “government” does.

Politicraps #1 mission:


Case in point about my comment about republicans not being a guarantee.



In Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed into law the current red flag law(s). He, too, is a Republican.

So, it looks like the Democrats want to ban the guns and the Republicans just take them away from whoever they want. No good choices, huh?


Not unless we start electing Libertarians and or people that love the constitution.


Or at least have a constitution.


I suppose either political party, regardless of which one is currently in power, fears an armed populace and is skeptical of its citizens remaining responsible and law-abiding.


When those who are chosen to lead abuse their power, they should fear the populace. That was the intent of the 2A. The founding fathers would consider removing tyrannical leaders to be lawful and responsible.



Well, at least we do have a Constitution. Now to get the politicians to respect it and follow it.


As long as we stand firm and offer zero compromise… well. If we could. There are a lot of non conservatives who own guns. That number is growing. Half of them buy so-called assault rifles and they don’t even know that is what they bought. Yet they call for them to be heavily regulated or banned.
Our side needs to get a back bone and better boots.


If they ever turn off the GPS satellites I may be in trouble finding all the buried stuff…


There’s something that needs to be considered…


Or at least try to protect themselves from tyrannical leaders. One wonders if the extent of the horror perpetrated against Jews and other minorities could’ve been lessened during the Holocaust if they had been armed.