How about a Ham Radio Channel?

I get it. We have a few people at work all into Ham radios.


Ham radio will be the ONLY means of communication when the SHTF happens (probably in the near future at the current rate of things). While many folks discount this, they really shouldn’t. During LomaPrieta it was impossible to get calls out or in. The circuits were so over loaded that they just could not keep up with the demand. I wish I was a HAM operator then, but I wasn’t and I had to wait a day and a half before my wife and I could finally call our families and let them know we were OK.
If you are not a HAM operator and you don’t have a friend that you can count that is, you would do well to make one. I have two radios that cover all the practical range of the HAM frequencies and they are both powered by 12 v DC so they are both portable units. Also with a little experience a piece of wire and a coil can be made into a mobile field antenna. So the application in any form of disaster is very much real and since it is not dependent on infrastructure it doesn’t matter what the event is. If I have 12v power then I have communications capabilities.
What the post said is:
Call sign Ki5iHU, operating frequency capabilities from 1.8 megaherts to 450 megahertz. Antenna systems are End Fed Random Wire antenna and Hustler vertical model 6btv for 1.8Mhz to 56Mhz, and Comet vertical model CX333 for 140 megahertz to 450 megahertz. And now you know why I posted it the first way…a TON less typing to say the exact same thing.


Welcome to the forum and I gotta say I think Ham is a great choice for a channel and topic.

I’ve had a “back burner” interest in ham radio for awhile.

I now live in a fairly narrow and deep canyon so even a tall antenna might not do much though I admit I don’t know. But I wouldn’t want to spend the cash if it wouldn’t work. Not sure how many repeaters are in the area or much about them.

I did hear about Commifornia shutting down ( or trying to) repeaters in the state. Ironically when ham had just benefited the state during some wild fires. Yet again the government turning on us.

Anyway I know little and would love to learn a lot.

Again, welcome.


Welcome! Love this idea for a channel.


Welcome @KC5HWB

Glad to have you aboard. I’ve had my Technician license since high school. I own a Yaesu FT-60R with the mars/cap mod. I have a variety of antennas and accessories for both mobile and base station operation. I only keep the gear on hand for SHTF communication and I rarely use local repeaters these days. I would like to upgrade my license some day when I have more free time. I’m not quite at retirement age yet. LOL


HF propagation would still get your signal out. You would have better local reception in the areas at the open end of the valley , but you would still get good signal bounce off the ionosphere, unless you were right on a shear cliff face. But even then you would still have 270 degrees of radiation from your station.


Actually I said 270 degrees , it should have been 180 degrees of forward transmission.
Sorry for the math error.


Your channel is very informative!! I have decided to go forward with taking the ham test as I have be hesitate of it for some time. After watching the videos you have posted, I have purchased the study book you were mentioning and have begun my study process for the ham test. Please keep the information coming!

Thanks again.


That article about Commiefornica and HAM operators is spot on. The Gov would have to wipe out their own comm system to effectively stop the HAM operators from being able to communicate. This means they CANNOT shut us up. Think for a minute, let’s say it’s after the 2020 Pres election and the leftists kill the public comm systems at the instructions of the DSA/dnc. What good will that do if all the HAM’s are still transmitting important current information all over the country? NONE! PLUS how can they monitor our plans for retaking the nation if they cannot stop the HAMS. How hard do you think it would be to set up a simple code that would transmit information that could only be interpreted by the intended recipients? Yeah I know the FCC says you cannot communicate coded information etc. But if the leftists go to war against us, do you really think the FCC is going to stop patriots and Constitutionalists from communicating any way they can, I don’t.

DSA/dnc Is the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the SCOTUS


Great, good luck! Thanks for the feedback


Repeaters are a recent inclusion on the Ham radio tool bbox. DX stations do not use repeaters and they still reach pretty much around the world. So if you don’t think the internet and the cell towers will go down during a major crisis (like the one that is probably going to arrive in November) then you count on those for your comm. I will continue to use my Ham radios and hone my skills with them and wire antennas so I can set up a portable ham comm. any where I can drive to (4X4 P/U with really good tires on it and 12 K winch). The reason CA is trying to disable or destroy the Ham comm. net is so they can keep their crap out of the national ear but it won’t work. Too many mobile DX stations out there. It will make it more difficult though.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!!


I may have heard of Ham Radio
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