How about a survival, shtf, prepping sub forum?


Guns are a common discussion in those circles and the two go hand in hand. Ive already seen at least a dozen conversations bring up shtf. @TomFull30


I like the idea. It’s another road that can be opened to allow more traffic in to the site.


^ Agree. Lost of good stuff can come from a survival sub forum.


@full30nick ,any chance you could add a shtf/survival subforum?


I don’t hate the idea. I am looking into how to add/remove sub forums in the near future.


Definitely a good idea.


pretty sure the bots would rule the prepper channel, followed by a lot of crazies, antifas, anti-antifas and the odd Canadian


I’m all for shtf/ survival sub-forum!!!


Let me know if you need help. I used to do this on a different forum I helped run a while back. Not sure how this system is set up, but should be close.


^ Same here. :cowboy_hat_face: