How about ‘just don’t’?



I’m sure this will work out well.


It actually will.

They’re gonna get TONS of publicity because of it.


True, but that may not result in sales.


It most certainly will. I’m actually tempted to buy some nike stock tomorrow when the markets open.


I’ll pass. I’ll bet it’s been 40 years since I’ve had a pair of Nikes. I buy cheap shoes that fit and are comfortable. Most last years. My shoes have three generations, new, I use to go out shopping. Old, I use to go get the mail, or grill out, perhaps work in the garage. Not dead yet, I use for yard work. By the time they get tossed, they might be 6-10 years old.


LMFAO F****** morons. Nike sneakers has gotten more inner city upstanding citizens murdered for their sneakers than ALL the the inner city upstanding citizens rightfully capped DOA by PD

Let’s blame the PD because the truth upsets the inner city upstanding citizens.
Truth is a b**** to crybaby b****** and dnc liars.


Well f***, I wear nikes. Oh well, I like nike shoes and im not dropping the coin for a new pair.



I wear “Redwing” boots, hopefully they dont go socialist. I really dont want people to think my feet are both lefties.


Had Jordans when I was younger when they came out (still wish I did because they are super valuable now). Now I couldn’t be bothered to pay that insane asking price for a pair of shoes made in the same town / factory / country as lesser expensive brands. Plus most athletic shoes look like shit now because urban people think they know style and thus the shoe manufacturers make what they want.

I mean, seriously, these look like shit and kids / young adults eat this up:




Heres the Nikes I wear, Ive owned them for 2 years and beat the shit out of them.
They cost me around a $100 , they are durable and well worth it since I am on my feet alot.


lets not mention the shoes you are showing cost anywhere from 180 - 250 plus dollars. Now I dont have any kids but NO way are you getting shoes like that when your feet grow every year. Plus just for you to destroy them in a few months and be like welp money must grow on trees (like my nieces and nephew thought when they were younger). Or go into the wrong area and get jacked for them. Oh and yes, what you posted are some fugly pieces!!!


^ Exactly.


For me it’s RedHead hiking boots from Bass Pro or sandals.
When I was wearing “sneakers” I got em from Big5 if they were on sale. Could never see spending that much cash on shoes.
But if I’d have been a Nike customer I wouldn’t be now.


I just can’t wrap my head around anyone willing to spend that kind of money on a pair of shoes. I feel bad spending more than $35 on a pair of anything other than work boots.



Durability and comfort, Nikes last. I do alot of physical labor and I can tell the difference.


It’s not just about shoes.

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have a clue about what ‘sacrificing everything’ really means


No he doesn’t. He’s a douchebag “activist” racist anti-American piece of shit.