How about ‘just don’t’?


I agree, the guy is a real POS.


lets also try to remember that he was abandoned by his birth mom and adopted by a white family and he got to experience all that “white privilege” his entire life. So I wonder where the whole sacrifice anything came in. What cause he couldnt hack it in the NFL after his hype wore off and he had to do something to get attention. It wasnt bad enough to be dating a founder of the BLM and hardcore muslim and anti american woman.
But at the end of the day that is what makes this country great is the freedom to choose. If you say screw Nike you can buy something else. At the end of the day if people buy or dont buy their product it wont likely have an affect on their profits at the end of the day. The stock market only is showing what people who invested money into the company does. Not what they do on a global scale day to day.
still F Kraperneck is my stance.


I think Dicks would disagree. Okay, well they wouldn’t admit it, but …


well Dicks is entirely another subject matter. They are not a global brand. They are just a sporting goods retailer. And YES what their people said is completely stupid and they are getting what they deserve without a doubt.
But for guns you can go to local gun stores all day long and buy things. Here in AZ there are tons of gun stores including Bass Pro and Cabelas so there is virtually no point to going to Dicks to buy anything.
However, there are not a ton of sporting good stores left. Like if you needed to buy golf clubs lets say. Sure you can go to a pro shop at a golf course, but that is not nearly the same as finding a gun store. (not sure why anyone would want to buy golf clubs but that was the sport that popped into my head first. lol)
I think at the end of the day it also has alot to do with the message you are sending out to the consumer. As a retailer you should really STFU and stay politically neutral.
At the end of the day there is a reason they are called Dicks. lol.


Trust me I did my research I know his background and that trash he is dating. :+1:

And indeed you are 100% correct about the ability to choose. That’s why I no longer watch any professional sport nor will I ever buy Nikes again. :cowboy_hat_face:



Who is that?


Pat Tillman. A real man and hero.


Wow, my guess is he isnt black enough for the left to care.


You are likely correct.





^ Now those two are badasses.

That idiot Kaepernick isn’t good enough to even clean their toilets.


Saw this tweet today. Thought it fitting.



@LoneWolf is that Bruce I used to be a man Jenner?


Yep, lol. Since we’re making fun of Dicks, I figured I’d toss pic in of that creature!


Yea, Im not sure I would google “Jenner Dicks” for memes though.


Don’t think he actually sacrificed it yet.