How and why the Special Forces set up their M4s the way they do.

The top article is more of a summary of the bottom 3.
The author also goes over the differences between M4s/AR15s set up for competition to ones set up for combat.


article on Jack Murphy’s loadout

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Food for thought: This stuff is an excellent way to learn about different tools, what does what, and some good starting points. IMO, this should not be used as a recipe for setting up a rifle.

There’s a Venn Diagram I’ve seen showing “Things I do” and “Things the Navy Seals do” and there’s only a sliver of an overlap.

Just because a particular item on the rifle special forces use, doesn’t mean that item is any way relevant to the way I use a rifle.

Easy example: IR lasers. I have absolutely no reason to put an IR laser on my rifle because not only do I have the devices to see it, I have no application where that would be useful to me.

All that being said, this is a great collection of articles that I look forward to finishing reading. I love learning about this stuff, I just don’t use it as a blueprint for my rifle. I still need to make that video about my go to “work” rifle…


Actually he goes over just that, on the difference between sporting set ups and combat set ups and on why to choose certain gear for certain jobs. The author comes from both an SF background and practical shooting sports background (USPSA, 3 gun etc).
This stuff is all tools and if you can afford it an IR laser is a major force multiplier when using night vision. I agree though, choose what suites your needs not what the pros use.


Hell yeah. That’s awesome. Makes me look forward to reading them even more.

Yeah, IR lasers are a massive force multiplier when you have the right tools. But it isn’t much of a force multiplier on the one way shooting range, which is all I will ever (hopefully) do.


Im too poor for that stuff and I could buy alot of ammo for 2k lol


His stuff on the cross over between competition shooting and combat is cool, his rifles for both are similar.


I dont even know who Jack Murphy is ,I just liked that last article lol . I read a lot of firearms blogs and usually post the really cool articles here.