How Do I Choose A Reticle For Long-Range Shooting?

Which reticle do you prefer for long range shooting?


Good read. Personally I like the mil-scale with fine lines and bullet drop indicators as well as windage lines.

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When I run long range I feel it is quintessential important to be able to range your distance, see your target clearly, and what’s around it, as not to have to busy of a reticle with a free center. Considering that I generally go with IOR Valdada. Here is a picture of the reticle.


The pin point helps in the center to not cloud where your focus is.


That is a very well thought out reticle.

They have a lot of other ones, but this one is simple. In a stressful situation I feel it’s the way to go.

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Mil-rad and mildot are the goto reticle for most distance competitors. Simple and functional.