How do I post an image


Howdy to all. I tried to paste an image, with no success, and I’ve never heard of dragging an image. Yep. You guessed it. I’m another Baby Boomer with no computer skills. Any help would be appreciated.


I will put a picture below. When you have the screen open where you type a new message click on the symbol I circled to upload a pic from your computer. It will default to picking a photo from your device and you click on the “Choose Files” box you see there. That will pull up your files on your computer and you just have to find the photo you want to upload and click “Upload” once you have selected a photo.

Hopefully you have a computer because it won’t be the same on a cell phone. Hope this helps.


OK, on the reply screen it says “Upload” on the bottom right. Click on that, then click documents then find your photo gallery.