How Do We Post Videos On Full30.Com?


Hi Everyone!!! We are a Youtube Gun Channel, We are growing and are looking to expand onto! We have recently had a shootout/filming with Kris “Tanto” Paronto from “13 Hours” Fame, Cover Model Jenna Renee,Youtuber Kwood23, and are working (Hopefully) on Soon to be filming with Hank Strange! We are working everyday on growing our channel with better and better content being posted constantly… We have over 160,000 Views, and would (Hopefully) be a great addition to! Please let us know on how to proceed posting our videos on here!



I am wondering the same thing


I think (but this is just my suspicion) that it’s on an invitation basis, where once your channel reaches a certain number of subscribers or whatever they start paying attention to you (or if you’re one of the channels that folks talk about a lot for example). However, maybe one of the folks who run the site (I think MAC is one of them) can clarify?


I think it is foolish for someone to believe they can compete in a market of free videos without giving the ability to upload videos. As much as I would love to see a gun friendly company succeed this site is blatantly ignoring everything required to do so.


704Tactical would like an invitation to, it would be a great addition to the site.


Shooting Stuff Australia would like to upload all our videos


I’d love to add mine, but I am a low production CZ only channel on YT, not many subscribers. Fun, though.



We are a Gun French Company since 1980, and we would like publish video on Full30.

Could you inform me about uploading?

Best regards


We are a small Youtube channel. Only around 80,000 views in our first 6 months. We are really getting the run around from some really stupid stuff. Does anyone know if Full30 has any plans to open up to more channels in the future. At the rate Youtube is pulling our videos and handicapping them it is going to be really hard to grow there.


Honestly I have to agree with others. If you are not going to allow the everyday Joe to upload and post videos you are done. I have a small YT channel and I came here to get away from YT however not being able to upload videos is a show stopper.


What I said was,
“I guess my input isn’t wanted. Thank you anyway, and please have a nice day, if anyone actually ever reads this thread.”
This means that Full30 will be the elite of gun video makers and nobody else can play. No worries, looks like internet forums will again be the front lines, where Google, Facebook and Youtube can’t go.
I withdrew it because I thought I had gotten access, but realized I was wrong, forgot to come back and change it. Oh well.
It’s a nice place you have here.


As a small dealer, I cannot see any reason you would not allow users to upload their own videos to this site. I came here to get away from censorship that was youtube but I would like to see what everybody out there is doing not just the big guys.


I also would like to see his content on here.


They need to just open up the site for anyone to upload. If they want this place to replace gun content on youtube, that’s the only way.


JUST signed up here. With what youtube is doing there are going to be alot of channels looking for a new home. This is the time for this site to shine. I get it about infrastructure and stuff, but with more comes more opportunity for growth. I only signed up because of the expected exodus and rumors that full30 is opening their doors. How they do this remains to be seen. And yes, I have have a very small youtube channel with very focused content.


yeah we can only hope. This is their chance. If they don’t capitalize on this situation they must have already given up on this site.


So far, I see everyone wanting to upload their content but nobody willing to help foot the bill. Bandwidth and storage cost real money. Do you have any idea how much data throughput an HD video site like this “small” one actually still has? Personally, and without much effort, my family does an easy 1TB of data through our ISP and that is a private line with occasional video usage throughout the day and the ability to do that costs me over $100/month. Now, imagine this place, with (currently) about 50 channels, with easily several terabytes (I’d guess around 100TB all told) on storage, and even just several hundred views at any given time. They’d easily be looking at close to the entire content of the site in data usage every week. That’s not chicken feed. You people may have also noticed that there aren’t a whole ton of ads on here either (you know, that thing people were griping about a few months ago wit youboob cutting out ad revenue?)

Several things need to happen to make this site grow in a healthy manner - people need to help foot the bill - I’m still voting subscription and imagining that there would be plenty of people willing to cough up $9.99/month to access the site (I would!); the bosses need to see about scaring up some ad revenue - offer initial discounts for GOA/NRA ads, hit up all the shooting and sporting suppliers out there online who may be interested in ads…all the companies who have already lost out on advertising on youboob.

This is one of those moments when an opportunity presents itself through the foolishness of others…hope we (as a community) can grasp it!


well. if there was a fee per video, it could make the website money to keep it going and instead of commiting to 10 a month we could pay like 2 or 3 dollars per vid. it theoretically could bring in more money by bringing more people


It would need to be much lower in that case, otherwise many people will just avoid watching anything new, and most of everything else. I, for one, check out pretty much everything put out by about 10 content creators. at even $2/video, I’d go broke by the end of a given month! It’s the volume of views that would drive the profit, not big $$ for each video…but also not a bad idea.


how about like alot of gun web sites,10.00/20.00 yr membership.look at savage shooters.anyways i would be game for that.maybe then get some sponsors on band wagon too from gun industry.have to start some where.comments////