How Do We Post Videos On Full30.Com?


I would pay a monthly fee provided it was low enough for a lowly state slave, but would also like the option to add content. I do have to say that the idea of pay per view is a non starter - $2 to watch a Hickock45 video? I’ll stick with NetFlix and Hulu - far more bang for the buck.


I’d be glad to pay for the bandwidth and storage space that my videos would consume. I pay about $225 a year for my two domains that have storage and bandwidth allowances for 1000 times what I actually use, and 10 times as much as I could use for my own videos if I went into it full time.

There are ways to get around the high costs of bandwidth… Like for instance; Full30 could, become an aggregator (like Drudge) and let people post snapshot links to their own topical videos hosted elsewhere.

But I have a feeling that the owners of Full30 don’t really care to make it become more than an elite niche site. I haven’t read all the forum threads, but I’ve only run across a few OLD forum posts by the owners /management, and the last blog article is three weeks old. If I’m wrong about that, I’ll be glad to be corrected.


I would also like to see 904Outdoors and 704Tactical on here. I have several favorite youtube channels such as Tactical Toolbox, I Want That! Reviews and Kentucky Ballistics to name a few. I would also be willing to subscribe for $10 a month but only if more channels are added.


i am starting out 2 .I love the sport but i hate the camera .I thought i could expand here 2 .


Hey guys,

I apologize for the delay in getting to this thread.

To answer the question regarding opening to small/new content creators to upload content,

The answer is:
Yes, we are going to be opening the doors to all content creators VERY SOON.

However, because there are literally thousands of channels coming over from YT, we have to do it slowly, over a period of time.

Please be patient as we work to expand our capacity and platform.

Tentative date for all content creators to begin uploading their content is starting in JUNE (yes, two weeks from now)


I am looking forward to being able to put my videos on the website as well. It is very encouraging to me to hear that you intend to let everyone in. Please keep your head up and your hopes high. We can all pull through. God bless you and America.