How do you relax?


I know what you’re thinking, this guy lives and breaths tactical stuff. Ya right. Sometimes I like to just chill out, and to prove it, here I am.


How you relax sure changes with age… :expressionless:


Sure does.


I like to go play with mama



If I was 30 years younger.




She is just a number gentleman


Dry fire!


I play guitar


You look good in this picture. How does mama look?

Believe it or not but for me to relax my hands have to be busy. I am not lying when I say that filing checkring relaxes me.


You always sound relaxed in your videos :slightly_smiling_face:


My tone has mono.:rofl:

I got a cold and I am on dayquil.





I’ll send you a frame then so you can relax ahahahahh


If it is 80%, sure thing. I can probably do one semi-“on the house”…

So I will make you a deal.

If you do go for 80%, do not touch anything on the frame and send it to me for whatever you want done to it.

For example, I could do the following on the 80%:

Trigger guard undercut
Front strap checkering
Stan Chen Magwell Gen2 install (I am an authorized installer)
Blend and checker the magwell MSH
…or other MSH fit/blend/checker.
Modify and fit up grips (since the frame is shortened with Stan Chen Magwell Gen2)
Beavertail fit and blend
Thumb safety fit (to frame) and blend
Dehorning (can do both frame and slide, but you will have to take care of the rear of the slide once you blend to frame after both are fitted together)

Let me know what you want done and I will give you a Full30 discount.


I daydream. I like to sit somewhere quiet and that doesn’t have any bright lights and daydream. Sometimes I’ll play some ambient music from Oblivion or Skyrim I put together.



While attending to my garden




Sharpening knives to an obsidian-like, one-molecule-wide edge that causes a spontaneous rift in space-time.


Now that is sharp.


I like to read and tinker in my shop.